Tuesday, October 11, 2005


there's some sniping against lcd going on over at pitchfork.

there's also a game with the new black dice cover, but the cover is NSFW so i can't play (the link is ok, though)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is kind of weird that they're doing this tour. I'm like, aren't you fucking sick of playing those songs. Didn't you just tour?I guess it's for the free Play Station or maybe, just maybe for the money. But its not like LCD ever really claimed some punk ethic. Jenny, Ella, Willie and I will be at the LA show, so we'll give you a full report and hopefully will have some good celebrity sightings, like Lohan or David Spade.


juniorquenchfan2312 said...

speaking of sniping at bands with tyler in them, i read the show listings in the village voice and TONY every week and i have to say that nic nic nic and the hud are the two most bashed bands in new york in the last two years.

one guy wrote that nic was a frat boy version of the guy from the movie sideways!

that dice cover does suck, tho. WTF?

beckler said...

that reminds me of how years ago, i heard the dice either wanted to or did make a tshirt with a deer's rump with a woman's vagina superimposed on it. or something like that. hey, can you link to any of that stuff about !!!. just curious and we all know how hard it is to search for that name.

yeah! I want an LCD show report and a Nobu report. I want to know if Paris is dancing on the tables when you're there and if so get some quick camera phone snaps of her bald crotch. cuz i haven't seen that enough already.

marianne said...


Anonymous said...

Bald Crotch! Hah! That should be the name of her solo album.


Anonymous said...

it wasn't as much sniping as they were voicing concern over one of the "their" artists potentially selling out our scene. i, for one, am glad we have that level of investigative reporting. did you know that lcd was on capital? thats a major label with larger global corporation/government/arms dealer/entertainment ties.

next time i see james murphy at a bbq, i'm going to throw him on the grill.