Tuesday, October 11, 2005

pom pom pom

I was trying to search for some new !!! press and I came across an interesting page. It's from the recent Brazil show and it's in Portuguese so I don't really know what they're talking about, but it has cool pictures and I like that in Portuguese they like to call the band "pom pom pom"and "won won won" and that it contains the phrase "Nic ganha o troféu Peaches de 2005. ". Do you think that means he's the Peaches of 2005?

On second thought, I'll use on of those online translators. This is good:

Vocalista of the!!! promotes sexual abuse in the Nokia Trends

POM-POM-POM Nic Offer, the vocalista maluquete of the!!! is to big star of this organized and comfortable Nokia Trends (a lot more lawful than the Skol Beats!) The band californiana was to third appeal to be presented in the event, in this Saturday (24.09), leaving the audience in state of shock. "We are pon-pon-pon, won-won-won, chk-chk-chk". With those words, Offer opened the show. Playing the hair, opening the arms and shaking the hands, Nic earns the trophy Peaches of 2005. SAMBA RHYTHM With nine members in the stage, being three of them Brazilian, the!!! carried out the best show of the Nokia Trends of São paulo. His mix of disco-punk-funk this time earns Brazilian pepper, the percussionistsDênis Celestino and Dennys Conceição, of Savior, and Jom, of Rio. SAMBA PUNK THE band and the percussionists itself knew in the Friday (23.09), because the official percussionist of the!!! lost the flight. "We feel the song in the heart, therefore is an alive agency", Dênis Celestino says. "We are going to touch with them, was at the right certain moment and in the certain moment", count Dennys Conceição. "Brazilian percussion has everything to do with electronic and punk", I concluded Jom. COREÔS THE show was a true one catarse, with a lot corporal expression, energy, sensuality and madnesses. Nic is a mix of Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison, alone that muuuuuito more played. His coreôsare incríveis and its boldness is an erotic bomb. The moment exorcism stayed by count of the performance ensandecida of the drummer John Pugh, that in the environment of the show changed the baquetas by the microphone and began it squeak in a schizophrenic trance. Was the maximum one. I KNOW, I KNOW In The show, the song are presented as in a big pout-pourri, everything being part of a big one colagem. To catarse general comes when they interpret "Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard (TO True Story)". Incrível. The vocalista was played in the audience, went up in the boxes of sound and sambou until go crazy. And of that the people likes. SET-LIST Confer the set-list of the show of the!!! :

1. "Manners"
2. "Pardon"
3. "Egg Bomb"
4. "Back' n Forth"
5. "Hello"
6. "Me and Giuliani Down. .."

There are so many rad phrases in there I can't pick one. I guess Allan W. couldn't get into Brazil so !!! used some Brazilian percussionists in the set and they're the ones quoted in the article.


beckler said...

hey, did you guys know this about how !!! met?

After meeting at a Sacramento hipster dance party in the late nineties

i wonder if i was at that party?

Anonymous said...

"Playing the hair, opening the arms and shaking the hands..."

That's pretty sweet! Sounds like Nic.


P.S. Fuck the guy that called him the frat boy version of the frat boy in Sideways. It was weak dis, and way off mark. This seems like a more interesting comment to me: "Nic is a mix of Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison...an erotic bomb." That should make Nic happy!

Anonymous said...

I was there and can safely say that Nic actually stopped the show and stunned the audience with a speech on the merits of sexual abuse. He took "freaky" to a whole new level. In proper Portugese I might add. Those Visas are REALLY hard to get.

It was vile but made me think at the same time.