Monday, October 17, 2005

holy shit! supportin' it!

I did my part to support the scene on friday and went to see that Daisy Spot show. They were in fine form. Tatiana was mesmerizing, and Mike Farrell was busting some solos that had jaws dropping all over the place. Of course it was hard to distinguish the dropped jaws from the jabbering jaws, as many jerks were alternating between drunkenly yelling "wooo!" and loudly talking to their friends so that they drowned out the band. Dear Jerks-Stay home and drink next time. I hate you. There was an extremely wasted lady there who was standing right up front and trying to coerce people into dancing with her. She tried to grab me and Al and D.P. She finally succeeded in getting JerPer to dance with her, which was a relief as it took her out of our general radius for a few minutes. This same lady was there the last time I saw Daisy Spot and she tried to get me to force me to dance with her that time, too. She grabs you and scratches you with her claws. She kept yelling "woooo!" into this pregnant lady's stomach. I was afraid she was gonna make the lady give birth.

I'm listening to the Daisy Spot CD that I bought right now (that's right, further support of the scene) and it sounds good. The amazing song "All I Wanna Know" is on there. I have heard rumors for months that this CD doesn't capture their charms very well, but right now I can't remember why people think that. I think I heard that it's a bit bland or something. I don't know, I like it, but I guess it does sound a wee bit flat.


Anonymous said...

So far I love the CD. But I have only seen them live twice. I guess it would be hard to capture how wonderful they are live, but the CD sounds so beautiful.


omf said...

special kudos to John McCrea's sister for standing right up front and nattering to her galpal thru and entire set. Glad I paid $7 to hear that.

juniorquenchfan289 said...

i know mike deserves his laurels on guitar, but sometimes i wish he would learn to lay off just a bit. like cut his solos in half, or more. he's so subtle and tasteful most of the time, but other times i just want him to back off.