Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kev has a ghetto moment

The Vice thing has sparked some interesting debate about boomers and the prospects of our generation.

I will be leaving work today because I have a work meeting....AT HOOTERS! JK, it's an informal gathering. Because it would be questionable to have a meeting there. Anyways, I'll report back on it tomorrow.

Kevin Seconds wrote some stuff on his blog about people talking through a Ghetto Moments show. If he had been keeping up with this blog besides the entries that talk about his hott sex life he would have seen that I wrote about people doing the same thing at the Daisy Spot show. I doubt if it's any worse in Sac than anywhere else, though. So he writes this, and some guy starts busting his balls about it, and it turns out that this guy thought the whole True Love crowd was cliquey and non-inclusive. Imagine that! He also accuses him of wanting to "publicly jerk off", which was an aspect of Kev's sexual peccadilloes that hadn't made it to me through the grapevine yet. If you care to read it, and it's pretty entertaining, go here and scroll down to the Oct. 16th entry first, and then read the "OK, I'm a jerk" entry.

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