Friday, October 21, 2005

Down wit dat!

Also, I will be busy tonight hanging out with this girl, so don't bother calling


Anonymous said...

Why do they both need to sleep on the couch when they have their own rooms? and are there two couches or do they pile on the same couch with the puppy?


beckler said...

I'll let you know tomorrow after we hang out.

Also, to let you know Connie, the heading of this post refers to the funniest sticker ever which was given to me by your awfully wedded husband. er..lawfully. contents of sticker: weinerdog puppy wearing large, diamond and gold dollar sign necklace and over the picture it sez "down wit dat!"

Anonymous said...

The puppy likes to sleep on the couch, she likes whatever makes her puppy happy &, to use her words: "he sleeps on the couch just cause".

Just cause. That's all.


DB said...

Just cause is always difficult to prove in a court of law.