Friday, October 21, 2005

something for the ladies....

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mostly for Natalie but eye candy for any ladies out there reading


katymonster said...

wow...i had no idea.

i always thought Goldie was a bit goofy looking from her Laugh-In days.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think Steve McQueen is fine? We've been watching his movies, and I was surprised that I thought he was fine, since I usually don't like blond guys.


Anonymous said...

Besides all my blonde homies that is!!!


beckler said...

I think blonde guys are cute but I always thought Steve Macqueen looked a little like my dad so, no.

Anonymous said...

Well, that' the thing...I keep saying he reminds me of my uncle (even though he doesn't really look like him), and so it's not really a sexual's more like he jsut seems really familiar. It's wierd. But I like his movies!


Anonymous said...

i was on a smoke break at work not too long ago and some guy stopped to tell me i looked like steve mcqueen so maybe it's me that you are thinking of michelle.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is you. You were blond once! Is that you Johnny? Jaundice? I miss you.


the head said...

two things

1. I think Jay is fine, Jay thinks Russell is fine. I think Russell is fine at moments but not all the time.

2. McQueen is FINE. So hot.