Monday, October 17, 2005

movie crap

I bet it's gonna be a slow day on the ol' blog but I guess I'll just keep posting because the alternative is working.

I feel like a real chump that I didn't call about reserving free tickets to the showing of the Birds at the Crest this wednesday until it was too late. I knew about it like two weeks ago. And I found out later that the night I went to see Everything is Illuminated at the Crest they still had a few free tix there but now they're gone. I felt even worse after I watched North by Northwest last night (which I had never seen) because it was so brilliant. It moved into my top five Hitchcock films with a bullet. Maybe number 2? Hard to say. He really is the master. And so many dirty, dirty double entendres. I like the part where Eva St. Marie sez "I'm a big girl" and Cary Grant says "yes, and in all the right places". And then way later in the movie she says "you're a big boy" and even though he doesn't say "in all the right places" you know it's implied and it's even better than if he had actually said it!

Speaking of Everything is Illuminated, I don't recommend it. It wasn't that bad, but if you haven't read the book , you should just read the book first and rent the movie later. Some of the casting was brilliant (particularly Eugene Hutz as Alex and the guy who plays grandpa, oh yeah and the dog that plays Sammy Davis Jr., Jr. is perfect) but Elijah Woods is egregiously miscast. I felt like he was still playing the psycho in Sin City. And he's not even Jewish!!!!!!!!!!! Liev Schreiber is a pretty crappy director, too. Amateurish.


Anonymous said...

Beckers! I got you a Birds Ticket! it's from vince. he can't go that night. When do you want me to give you the ticket?


beckler said...

whenever. give me a call after work. stoked!

Anonymous said...

call 800.769.1653 and you can STILL reserve tickets (that is, at least as of noon on Monday you could).

Anonymous said...

ok. I also work that night too so I can just have your ticket at the door. youy might need to get there early to get a good seat.


ps. So Frodo isn't jewish enought for you?

Stephen Glass said...

Yeah, in "North By Northwest" the entendres fly fast and filthy, all climaxing with a final shot, having just cut away from Cary and Eva, of a train speeding into a tunnel. Of course, there's still that unresolved business of the huge crush Martin Landau's character seems to have on James Mason's.