Friday, October 14, 2005

ding dang

Curse you, earlier commenter, for mentioning the Beach Boys Love You. Now I have "honkin' down the highway" stuck in my head for all eternity and I had just succeeded in getting it out of my head after it echoed in there all last weekend. Especially the line "I guess I have a wwwaaayyy wwwith girrrrrrrllllllsssss".

The supposedly "liberal" Sac Bee had a decidedly different take on G.W.'s fake impromptu video conference call with the troops than the NY Times did. The Times performed a pretty thorough ball-busting, calling it "scripted" (in the headline), "awkward", "stage-managed", and "carefully scripted". Yesterday they had a story where they called the presentation "less than smooth", and said Bush appeared "slightly uncomfortable" and noted that the troops sat "rigidly" with "fixed expressions". If you just read the Bee you would think that the presentation had gone great, except for some spoilsport Dems calling it a "photo-op". There was no mention that it was pre-scripted, which seems to be a fact. The most infuriating part was how Bush kept cracking jokes which is COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE when you consider that he is talking to young men and women who are so far from home and in so much danger. They probably aren't in much of a joking mood lately, but the prez wouldn't be able to understand that. Also from the Times:

Mr. Bush himself drew a final laugh when, again thanking the troops, he offered an invitation. "When you get back to the States, you know, if I'm hanging around," he said, "come by and say hello".

He should have added the final punch line, "if you don't die first!" That really would have got them rolling in the aisles.


Stephen Glass said...

The Bee's is even more rah-rah than the original one on The Associated Press wire, which wasn't really too boosteristic, I guess, but clearly got re-tweaked by an editor who noticed that the real story wasn't Bush speaking with troops, but the staged, surreal, sad absurdity of event itself.

deeann said...

“Thank you very much for everything. I like you!”

Anonymous said...

Yes. There is nothing troups hate more then comedy. Thus, Bob Hope = the Devil.

beckler said...

Hmm..that last anonymous comment seemed rather snotty. Did some Bush lover stumble onto heckasac? While "troups" may love comedy, it seems more appropriate that they get their laffs from Bob Hope than from our motherfucking president.

deeann said...

And Bob Hope probably saw more military action as an entertainer than Bush ever did as both a wartime armed services member and president.

Anonymous said...

Dudes only success is to continue to make it obvious that he is the most uncharismatic and socially inept presidents ever.

Failed comedy or not, he could have at least crafted something to make it SOUND like he gave a shit?

Maybe this guy should address the troops when the Bush camp feels they need a moral boost.