Thursday, October 20, 2005

another one?

Yet another fancy restaurant opens in sac, joining the growing list of places I probably won't ever eat at. I could try some of them if I wanted, but with my dining budget if I'm going to treat myself to an expensive meal it's probably going to be at a place that I know is good. I wonder out of all the new places, such as Spataro's etc., which would be the best to try? I haven't heard glowing recs for any of these places.


Anonymous said...

When are you taking out everyone who knows who Heckasac is out to Mortons?

That's much nicer instead of taunting us with "I removed a racy post".

Anonymous said...

I would recommend that you not bother with Spataro's.

Anonymous said...

Granted I wasn't paying, but I really liked my dinner at Spataro. It was way better than Esquire anyway.


Anonymous said...

I ate at Spataro for lunch once. It was ok. I don't eat animals with legs, so my menu at most places is going to be pretty limited. I had a slimy vegetable pannini. The homemade cheese on it was gooey and delicious, but was not strong enough to carry the whole sandwich. The vegetables were a little too slimy. This would have been much more interesting as a straight grilled cheese sandwich served with a cup of tomato soup. Next time I will probably try a pizza or whatever pasta they offer without meat.


beckler said...

mmmm...slime sandwich

spataros being better than esquire is still not a very strong recommendation. jimboys is better than esquire.

Anonymous said...

The first or second pasta on the menu is vegetarian & I thought it was damn good.

And what is this Jimboy's dis?!


alice said...

i wasn't paying either when i had lunch at spataros. i had a tomato/bread soup that was pretty good except for one thing. they poured a spiral of olive oil on top of it probably to make it look interesting. i think i was supposed to mix it in the soup but i didn't. so at one point i wound up putting a spoonful of olive oil in my mouth and nearly gagged.

the ravioli with sage butter was kinda promising but there was hardly any sage and hardly any butter. so, it was mostly just dry ravioli.

i've had okay experiences at esquire but it's never worth the price. the only thing that is worth it is the people watching. all those lobbyists and politicians and high level state bureaucrats just sitting in one room together. it's like an orgy i tells ya. oh, and there homemade ketchup is good. it's the only ketchup i can stand.

leon said...

I don't think it was a dis. It's true. Jimboys is better than Esquire.

I'll take Niki's cooking over both any day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but using it as an example of how most anything is better than Esquire? Jimboy's is not "most anything"! Now if you said H Salt Fish n Chips is better than Esquire...
Wait, no, Esquire might slap you with a defamation of character lawsuit if you went that far.


katymonster said...

s'true. Niki's cooking is fantastic!!

homemade soups, delicious antipastos, yuuum.

that said, you should join the Restauranteers. can't promise we'll go to Spataro. but, we do like to eat.