Friday, October 14, 2005

rolling haunches?

Holy crap. What is this one? Why is it strictly platonic? It should be in "strictly creepy". I feel sorry for the lady who just moved into the complex. Or was it written by the lady? I can't tell.


deeann said...

After putting away the groceries she stared through the second floor window, opening the beige blinds just a sliver. It felt voyeristic, watching his muscles presenting themselves gloriously in his damp 98 Rock t-shirt working the soapy sponge in a circular motion on the hood of his parked Celica in the carport as she traced the tatoo of another man's name on her upper arm with her fingernail. "If only..." she thought, wistfully. What *would* her mother think?


This is fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady, wanna see my haunch muscles?