Friday, October 21, 2005

admit it, it's the exact same thing

No, I am not going to explain the point of neuroscience besides just to say-to study the brain. Jake also let me know that the Lama would not be welcome at a philosophy conference. Poor guy. No one wants him around. Not to continue this debate but I do have a question. Would anyone be busting my chops about having a problem with this if the keynote speaker was the Reverend Billy Graham and he was giving a talk about the scientific study of the power of prayer? Cuz it's the exact same thing.


Anonymous said...

Charles, I have a really hard time believing that you and Becky have never talked about the point of neuroscience before. I think that fact that you are demanding that she explain it right here and now is purely a rhetorical device that isn't working out very well for you!

Also, I'm still not clear exactly why you think it's so important that the DL speaks at this conference? Something to do with plasma TV screens?


Anonymous said...

um, having someone speak about prayer is not the same as speaking about meditation. prayer concerns connecting w/ some higher/other power; i don't think you can separate prayer from religion any more than you can separate 'intelligent design' from religion. meditation is not inherently spiritual, and is just a mind/body technique. yeah, lots of religions promote different forms of meditation, but one can be totally atheistic and still meditate. But, i do agree that having the DLama speak at this convention makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

I pray every single day. I think of it as more of a technique than a spiritual practice; I just ask God for things, and God willing, I get them. Nothing spiritual about that. Very practical, really. How else would God know what to give me? We already have the hard science to back up the existence of God (how else do you explain flagella!?!); once we know he exists, prayer is just a matter of common sense.

Anonymous said...

ok anonymous, prayer doesn't make "common sense" and it's not a technique but rather and inherently spiritual practice; your asking god for help, thats not spiritual? also we have no hard evidence that god exists, we have personal knowledge, very different than scientific evidence. assuming god can or should "give" you anything is a religous belief straight up, as is calling god "he" when god is clearly a "She". ...... oh muh gawd ,i'm so sure

DB said...

Spiritual, schmiritual...I want a fuckin' Camaro! God, you're my boy...make it happen.

beckler said...

I will also pray for you to receive a Camaro. Or rather I will take a brief break from intensively praying for bigger tits to pray for you to get a Camaro. God must, he must, he must increase my bust, the boys, the boys, the boys depend on us. C'mon, you guys remember that rhyme, right?

Anonymous said...


part of the reason I brought up my concerns, all be it in a flip manner, was because me and becky had talked about this a few months ago in Davis and we came to a different conclusion about what it means to have him speak. Or that is to say, she saw the point i was making about how possibly relevant the eatern rendition of mind would be to neuroscience. Maybe Jake can help clarify for me what the goal of science

Also, wsking what neuroscience is might be a rhetorical trick, but I really mean it. Some tell me what it is so I can come to understand why the Dali Lama should not be there.


Anonymous said...


I know that you are being sincere, and I appreciate that. I guess it just seemed like you were being especially aggro, and I wondered why. It does seem like an interesting question (meditation, the brain, etc...), there are probably lots of interesting questions, one of the reasons why Becky went into the field, I'm sure. It just seems like you'd give her some credit about what's best for the field. I don't know, that's what I would do. But at the same time, I think it's cool that you want to ask questions.

have a good weekend!