Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I can't remember if I linked Natalie's new blog yet, but here it is. And Lisa Ninja has one too.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read on the Plan-It-X website! The Bananas are playing at Il Corral in LA on the 8th w/ Toys that Kill and the pipe Bombs, an early show at Cesar Chavez park (also w/ pipe bombs and TTK) in SF on the 15th and the Hemlock on the 16th.
Also, don't tell Scott cause he's going to think it's lame (and he'll be right), but I broke down and set up a myspace page for the The Bananas so that I don't have to answer all the "where are your shows" emails I get (good information is hard to find). These emails are really getting in the way of all of the awesome business school emails I also get to read. And, at least, we have a page about five years after it was cool to be on myspace, so it's keeping with tradition.
If you look carefully you will see a picture of everybody at my mom's house after the last tour.
Welcome home, by the way!

leon said...

too cool to post a link to that myspace page?

Anonymous said...

I heard there is supposed to be a recording for the four eyes new live cd this monday (10/10). I heard something about a 57 chevy song. I heard that being "that person clapping in the live recording" is just like being on american idol.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I want to clap on the live album. I would also like to yell "Whoooo!" if at all possible.

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