Tuesday, October 25, 2005

blood on the wall


look scott, it's that band we saw with the van morrison guy and the natasha lyonne chick.

poor clooney!

pitchfork reviews the new fiery furnaces album. will someone buy a copy and burn it for me? heckamax, you liked blueberry boat, so you're it!


Anonymous said...

They're even likeable when they try & look all bloody!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the NPR interview with George Clooney? He sounds like an articulate, totally likable down to earth guy. who knew? and the discussion about the dura injury made my skin crawl.

werenotdeep said...

wow, I thought he was going to be making some petty complaint about cutting his arm open. Like, something that would suck, but would be like "oh, come on, get over it, my dad did that and he walked to the hospital" kind of thing. But that actually really sucked. I'd probably want to kill myself too. In fact, after reading that, I almost do.

Anonymous said...


I'll buy the new FF although the single that D offer downloaded is rough. Still, I love Blueberry Boat. Don't you?

By the way, yesterday I had two teachers in my classroom, just hanging out, shooting the s and talking about the Kinks as I was listening to Village Green. These guys are in their fifties, so they were trading stories about seeing the Kinks live (rad) until they starting singing "Supersonic Rocketship". That's the name of the song, right? And I was like, "DUdes! I just heard that song for the first time at heckasac's house!!!" I think ol' Mr. Maxwell impressed them a tad. Or maybe that's just wishfull thinking.

Thanks, heckasac!!


beckler said...

I'm reading a cute little book on Village Green right now. You can borrow it if you ever fucking come through with that copy of In Cold Blood you promised to loan me. Jeez!

Anonymous said...

I should borrow Ed's copy of the Kinks performing Soap Opera live. Not the greatest quality but it made me want to write a rock opera. I think Heckamax would love it. People bag on those 70s records but I swear, they rule!

OK, Preservation Act 2 is a little rough.