Monday, October 10, 2005

private eyes are watching you

The debate trickled in over the weekend on Kev Seconds blog. Carry Rodda weighed in to defend himself against the charges that he writes about the exact same bands every time he writes something. Then he said something really silly that even he must admit is not true (admit it! admit it!). he pointed out that the debate had, "originated in some speculation about someone's sex life. Now really, is that a topic that anyone should care about? What people do in their private lives should be of no interest to anyone other than those involved". That's weird, because I thought that pretty much every book ever written, and every movie ever made, just as an example to start, were about people's private lives. Do you think this guy started to read Anna Karinena once but then he decided that it wasn't interesting to read about what Anna and Vronsky were thinking and feeling and besides, it was really none of his business anyway (I know I always bring up this book, I'm not ashamed to admit that it's the only book I've ever read besides the Bible of course). That's silly, what could be more interesting to humans than other humans and what they do? And sex is a part of that. Now the issue is really whether what I wrote was hurtful or inappropriate, and that's certainly up to you to decide. At the time I wrote it I thought there was zero chance anyone involved would ever read it, so I wrote and didn't think. That kind of shit (usually involving speaking without thinking) gets me in trouble every once in awhile. It's one of my worst qualities, in addition to being too darn self-sacrificing and a workaholic (that's a joke folks). So I'm glad Kev had a sense of humor about it. Charles wrote some really funny stuff, too, so you should read it if you care to.

I spent this entire weekend in the car and it was still totally fun. Who better to be trapped in a car with than the Bananas? Their show in L.A. was a success despite dismal sound and only one mic, and the kids loved it. I discovered that Diet Sparks tastes just as good as regular Sparks but with only a fraction of the calories. Thanks to Amy P. for letting us stay at her place.


Anonymous said...

I've been days behind in reading your blog. Out in Kentucky visiting the inbred Appalachian hillbillys that are half my fambly. The other side is Portuguese and I'm pretty sure all Pot O Grease women have mustaches. At least my sisters and my mom do. I've got moonshine though! Storebought corn whisky, not homemade. But it's still 'shine.

Nice Kev Seconds posts. I've got a page of angry mail from him & his friends about the inbred project.

On his Sacto Indie list, Darin was accused of being a spy when the page was open for anyone to read their posts. Although he changed that pretty quick when I pointed that out to him.

Hell, if you're pissed off about something, be pissed off about it. Don't backtrack when asked about it unless you actually change your mind about your opinion.

Charles is gay. And on second thought, Charles is still gay.

Corvus Conway said...

Smitty, I'm shocked, it's not like you to beat a dead horse!

Anonymous said...

Connie, thats the funniest thing I've read today.

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't the bible filled with people's exual lives too? I only read it for the begating.

beckler said...

that joke scores a 9. the author should sign their masterpiece. conway's joke scores a 6. which is still really good! now people are going to get mad at my joke ratings and accuse me of only giving high scores to jokes about indie rock that are written by those in my clique.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to join the ongoing fun of the True Luv vs. Loft fun. It's always a terribly exciting time when we rumble.

Besides, dead horses are the only thing I can beat up.

Speaking of horses:

Josh said...

There is diet sparks? Really?

Anonymous said...

If y'alls are as bored as me check this web site out that Gorms showed me for some funny videos:

Good ones to search for are:

Assault on the media

(Brian Collins) Sports News

News Anchor Freudian Slip


Anonymous said...

Just joshing Smitty, you know I love you and your horse humping, I mean beating, ways. And you can't fool me heckasac! I know that a 6 out of 10 is a D.

-Connie, the total D.