Friday, October 07, 2005


Well, the comments are up on Kev's blog and some healthy and interesting debate is occurring. At least I find it interesting. I guess there's nothing else to be said, for now. But the fight will continue....And who says the Loft's dead? If you check my previous post you'll see that there's a show there this monday. The Loft lives on!

Here's the info on the saturday show:

at the distillery

Lyme Regis (good looking in in tune with today's youth)
The Feeling (looking for a new band name)
Dutchess of Saigon (rare gig)

this Saturday Oct 8th at 10pm. 5-6 bucks. this could be the show of the year.

Talk About Charles

I am going to have an insane weekend cuz I just found out that I'm going to the Black Dice tonight in SF, the Bananas in L.A. tomorrow, and the Bananas at Gilman on sunday. Sac people should come to the Gilman show! As I always point out these shows are off the hook and the fact that this one is with the Pipe Bombs means that every brace face and dumpster dude in the Bay Area will be there bum rushing the stage and singing along. And if you've never seen the Pipe Bombs you are missing out cuz they're great.


Anonymous said...

I'm probably wrong, but I thought The Bananas weren't playing that Gilman show.


Anonymous said...

No Bananas at Gilman Sunday. Marie & I figured if we nixed that one that Mike would be more likely to be in to playing the L.A. show. See how we work, folks. But Sunday can still be smoking off the hinges cuz of that Crest show/party right?. And then there's the 4 Eyes show Monday. WTF?! Octoverdrive!!

Also, no Lyme Rege at Distillery tomorrow despite the persistent rumors. They're playing SF that night.


beckler said...

what?! i thought that marie said that show was happening earlier this week? i'm getting all my shit wrong. sorry. so i better email charles to get on the guest list for that party.

The Four Eyes said...

If you guys would have flaked a little earlier, we would be on that GIlman show. I tried to get on when i first found out but we couldnt because there were too many bands on it already. (too many bands at gilman? that must mean like 12!).
oh well, more time to "practice" for monday's "live" show.

-da ninzzle

Anonymous said...

Shit, we cancelled off that show like a month ago. Fuckin' ambulance chasers! Get your own show!


Anonymous said...

Who are the Black Dice playing with and where are they playing?


Anonymous said...

Bllod On The Walls & Red Krayola. Great American.

Anonymous said...

The Feeling should change their name to the Feelyng. It's so empowering.

leon said...

How did the 4-eyes become so prolific all of a sudden?

Can't wait for Monday!

Anonymous said...

You may be under the mistaken impression that all these new songs are going to be good. Which isn't to say that they're not all going to be pure genius.


The Four Eyes said...

Dissed by miller and mentioned by kevin seconds all the same day? thats it we're switching sides in the True Loft war.

The people on the plan-it-x forums have been lying to me for a month? tear.

Kev said...

Oh no.

You can't just up and switch sides and all of a sudden be True Love. The 12 SacPop "elders" have to approve you first and that isn't likely to happen in this lifetime.

Looks like you're a band without a gang, bub.

Watch yr ass.

The Four Eyes said...

We're always a band without a gang. We're not really Loft since the Lofters call us "Santa Cruz". but the non-lofters call us Lofters.
actually we're the only new-Lofters left since we're the only ones that have shows there (once a year). I guess its mainly because no one comes.