Tuesday, October 11, 2005

tell me how to vote

Could some of you politico types explain to me how you are voting on election day? I have heard my friends say that they're voting yes on two props but I don't know which ones.


leon said...

All "no" except for the last three, which I'm not sure about, but I'm no politico, just some dude who listens to 1240 AM.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the California Teachers Ass. who not only calls my house, stops by my house, and fills my work and home mailboxes, I am 100% positive you should vote NO on props 74&76.

Thank you very much,

Miss Baldwin

Anonymous said...

I am going to vote no on all of them except for the last two.
Prop 78 is the drug companies' prescription discount initiative and it sucks.

Here's a quick run down of them:

Prop 73 - Parental Notification InitiativeWould amend the state constitution and require that physicians notify a minor's parent prior to providing an abortion.

Prop 74 - "Punish New Teachers Act"
New teachers would serve a 5 year probationary period rather than the current 2 years and would lose the right to a fair hearing on their dismissal after 5 years.

Prop 75 - "Paycheck Deception Act"
Would prohibit public employee labor unions from using dues or fees for political contributions unless their members provide written consent. However, stockholders in corporations are subjected to the same types of regulation.

Prop 76 - "Cut School Funding"
Would give the Governor the power to ignore Prop 98 - a voter approved minimum funding levels for schools, and cut health and human services, police, fire, and other services with legislative checks and balances.

Prop 77 - Redistricting Initiative
Amends state Constitution's process for redistricting California's Senate, Assembly, Congressional, and Board of Equalization districts. Requires 3 member panel of retired judges selected by legislative leaders.

Prop 78 - Drug Companie Inititative
Sponsored by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, etc. Would allow them to enter voluntary prescription drug discount programs, but does nothing to mandate that they participate. They have spent a record 72 million on this campaign and on fighting against Prop 79.

Prop 79 - Cheaper Drugs for More Californians Act
Allows the state to use its purchasing power to make drug companies offer discounts.

Prop 80 - Regulation of Electric Service Providers
Subjects electric service providers to regulation by CA PUC. Requires all retail electric sellers to increase renewable energy resource procurement by 2010.

Maya said...

I think that, as a revolt against the governor's insistence that we vote on every damn bit of business that gets done on the state level, you should vote no on everything. It's like a meta-referendum on the whole special election process.

Anonymous said...

There is some important typos in the above!!! Sorry! BREW

Prop 75
Stockholders in corporations are NOT subjected to the same regulation!

Prop 76
Would give the Governor the power to ignore Prop 98 - a voter approved minimum funding levels for schools, and cut health and human services, police, fire, and other services WITHOUT legislative checks and balances.

Anonymous said...

Voting NO on Prop 79 is exactly what the drug companies want you to do!!!!


Anonymous said...

I really can spell and write, although my numerous typos in all of my posts make it appear that I have problems.


fft said...

YES only on 79, then NO out the door.

Anonymous said...


as long as you don't exceed the typos per post ratio's I have established, then you are doing fine.


ps. Honestly I read thru your original post and didn't even noitce there were words missing. I had to go back and check it out. So for that one post you were speaking ym language! HA!

Anonymous said...

Becky, no on everything except the redistricting. But of course, that's up to you. I'm also not opposed to parental notification. I'd personally want to know about any invasive surgery on my kid, but I understand that some people a freaky about abortion, so until that's fixed, it should be a "no" to protect patient privacy of all the promiscuous 13 year olds out there.


amy said...

hi guys

i hope everyone will vote "no" on prop 73, which is the parental notification for minor abortions. I know it sounds pretty innocuous at first, and that is why i am worried this prop will pass. as it stands most teenagers already talk with their parents about abortions; the ones who don't do so for very good reasons, i.e. physical violence in the home and/or abuse. these are the kids who will be hurt most by this proposition. every mainstream medical organization (e.g. AMA, pediatricians, family docs, nurses assoc., etc) is opposed to this proposition and its supporters (three rich, pro-life activists) have made no secret of the fact that they hope it will be one more nail in the Roe coffin.

I will try to spare you the long version of my harangue. I have been doing some activist work here in L.A. on this one. for more info, http://www.noonproposition73.com
is a good resource.


Anonymous said...

Prop 77 should be YES. People are so anti-Arnold they're letting one of his good props go downhill.

Prop 77 creates a non-partisan redistricting process in California. If it catches on here, it might catch on in some really fucked up states like Florida. Texas is already too far gone thanks to DeLay.