Thursday, October 06, 2005

high holy days

I made matzoh ball soup yesterday because I was craving it and when I got to Safeway to get the matzoh I saw that all the Jew stuff was on sale and I remembered it's Rosh Hashanah. DB told me that Yom Kippur is next week and we were talking about what a cool holiday that is. It's the day of atonement and beforehand you are supposed to think about all the fucked up things you've done that year (both in a spiritual and personal sense) and set them right. Before the actual holiday you are supposed to set things right between you and other people, on on the holiday, between you and the Big Guy. I may be getting this kinda wrong, but I think I have the gist. I like the idea of thinking about how you have fucked up over the year and talking to your friends and family about it. AND you're supposed to wear all white on the holiday, which of course is cool. Me and DB were discussing how we would maybe have a Yom Kippur party if there wasn't so much stuff coming up every weekend for a while. Although maybe a party where everyone apologizes to each other a lot wouldn't be that slammin', but it could get pretty emotional.

This time I went with Streitz matzoh balls instead of the regular (what is it? you know with the orange box? Manishewitz? Katz'? I can't remember) and I don't recommend them. They're dense and not giant and fluffy like the other one. I prefer them to be giant and fluffy and eggy. I'm hungry again already! Has anyone ever heard of jet lag making someone gain a bunch of weight?


Anonymous said...

becky, i totally agree about the matzoh. The blue box matzoh is NOT as good as the Manishewitz (the oragne box). Dare I say it is kinda gross. Maybe I will talk about it over Yom Kippur, because when I ate the matzoh and it turned out to be gross, I went back and yelled at the checker at Safeway who "let" me buy it.

beckler said...

atone! atone! atone!

that's the jewish version of tone toni tony

or chkchkchk

i'm so funny i'm pishing myself

if this turns up twice i'll be bummed cuz the comments are being weird

Anonymous said...

What if it showed up three times? That, would be funny.

Johnny Blaze said...

Matzoh balls are really eaten on passover. They are joyous, and there is no joy on Yom Kippur. Only that the kiddies in NYC get off of school.