Thursday, October 06, 2005

listing stuff makes it seem more interesting

1) Sorry if my post veered a little far into obscenity yesterday. I woke up at 500 embarrassed about that.

2) I vow to stop guilting everyone about not commenting. It's boring, and also probably mildly insulting to those who do comment. I'll never ever ever do it again.

3) This morning three people at my house were suffering from jet lag. The Armeniac has the worst of it because Armenia had a 12 hour difference. This led to me and smiller going to Waffle Square at 6 am this morning. I guess it opens at 530 if you're looking for an early morning spot. I'd rate it as a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Not bad, not that good. Typical watery coffee that tastes really good with lots of cream and sugar. I got the waffles, which, despite the name of the place, are cardboardy and kinda crappy. My eggs were rubbery and cold and my bacon was tough. Scott's veggie waffle was good. They were discussing TomKats "kitten" on the Today show and said "I hope they don't have a litter" hyuk hyuk.

4) Drive-in tonight. I haven't been there yet this year. Should be fun.

5) This is the same year after year, but what is up with the SN&R best of? I nominate the worst two as: century beating out Crest (Tower came in first, which is kinda silly when you consider how much nicer the Crest is but it's a sentimental favorite) and Olive Garden winning as best Italian. Pathetic. I also like number 2 on "best place for a date" being listed as "the movies-various locations". Can't the fucking dumbasses who fill the thing out understand that they are supposed to be specific?


Anonymous said...

What is a veggie waffle?

beckler said...

oops. veggie omelet.

lisa ninja said...

I was wondering about the veggie waffle too. Thanks for asking, anonymous.
That comment about Tom-Kat's "kitten" made me want to puke. Blech.

Unknown said...

yea, but we really do play better movies.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend waiting until Tues to go to the drive-in because it is a cheap deal every Tues.