Monday, October 10, 2005

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or anyone who's interested. the nytimes magazine has a big feature on raymond pettibon this week with an extensive slideshow of his work. This quote is interesting:

his influence is discernible in the current vogue for shambling, winking sorts of drawing, in the mixing of text with image, in the exaltation of comix and the whole D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) subculture of zines and Web sites

I don't know a great deal about art, but when I've tried to get a handle on how to describe the new style of art that kinda goes along with the psych-folk and indie aesthetic (OK I'm reaching here because maybe I should think about this more before I type it but maybe you know what I mean), Pettibon is definitely the guy that comes to mind as being a big influence. I would lump Jay Howell's art squarely in the middle of what I'm talking about. Ooh, namedrop alert.

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Stephen Glass said...

It's a long way from a hippie jumping off the roof saying "I feel light-headed; I feel good" by the liner notes to big time semi-notriety. But not really; what I know about contemporary art ain't much, but I'm glad to hear that Pettibon's been able to keep cranking it out decades after SST's being long gone.
And that family sounds only about two degrees away from being Crumb-esqe in terms of all gone awry. And that's meant as a compliment.