Monday, October 10, 2005


That Pettibon article is really interesting. Amelie is starting up with her annual spooky postings that I love. She linked to this Everyone downtown knows this house. It is the second creepiest after the giant white house near 18th and O.


Anonymous said...

i love this house,
i would like to buy this house and move back to sac.
see you soon ghosties.
- miss moneybags
(aka alicia)

Beth said...

We used to live next door to the white house at 18th and O. It is owned by the nicest lady in the world -- she is really shy, and possibly a little crazy, but really nice. I think she lives in just one small part of the house.

And the house at 22nd and H has not been empty for 12 years. I went to elementary school with two members of the family that owns it and I have seen the guy around there a lot. As of about five years ago there was someone living in the back part of the house, and sometimes you can see that the big chandelier is on.

alice said...

i ride my bike by that house every morning and i'm always afraid something is going to come out the front door, freak me out and make me fall off my bike in the gutter. seriously. that place gives me the creeps. however, i wouldn't mind 'exploring it.'

Uneasy Rhetoric said...

Okay, I'm trying to picture the house at 18th & O, and I'm not seeing it. O or 18th? Which side of the street? There's the old one on the corner of 18th & N with the chain link fence - that one is pretty creepy.

This is going to drive me crazy because I grew up in the vicinity.

beckler said...

It's white but the paint is really peely and crappy. There's a giant cactus next to the house. I think it does have a chain link fence. The old lady that lives there seeme to only come out at night to water the lawn. Also, she's holding her severed head in her hands and moaning something unintelligible. It's a little bit creepy.

Anonymous said...

The house is on 18th and N.


Beth said...

The woman's name at 18th and N is Gladys and she gets a lot of crap from creepy people in the neighborhood so she tends to keep to herself. She used to talk to my boyfriend all the time, though, because she was in love with his old MG. She's not even that old -- when we lived there in the 90s she was probably only about 55-60. She will NOT discuss her house, though. Our landlady told us that Gladys had been ripped off by some "renovators" so she was wary of anyone who even wanted to talk about the place.