Thursday, October 06, 2005

not for the faint of heart

damn, josher has a seriously gnarly story and picture of a cat bite. scroll down to the cat bite post first, then the one above it for the proper sequence.

When I briefly (two days I think) worked at Pet Paradise on Freeport (the name is a cruel irony) and had to wash a cat or two I knew the real meaning of terror. The Russian lady I worked with (I add her ethnicity for color) said cat bites were worse than dog bites and that cat teeth "sink to the bone"

I have downloaded an mp3 of a song from the new Fiona album and I'm digging it. For those of you who may think I'm name-dropping, that's Fiona Apple I'm referring to. No, I don't know her but she's indie as hell.


Anonymous said...

We used to call Pet's Paradise
"Pet's Pit" when we were kids. My brother bought a Gila montser there, which was both physically and mentally challenged. It lived in our bath tub and couldn't kill its prey, so my Mom (of course my brother never did shit) would have to kill the mice for it. She ended up spending a bunch of money for it to have surgery in Davis, only for it to die. Why did you quit Pet's Pit?


beckler said...

Funny! Um, the owner was pretty shady and the Russian lady told me that if I got bit by a dog or cat he wouldn't pay for the medical bills and I thought I would just get to play with cute pets all day but all dogs and cats are completely scared and miserable at the groomers and it sux. Those that have known me for a while know that I was briefly contemplating being a groomer as a career until this stint at the Pet's Pit.

Brew-are you going to the drive-ins?? Go!!!

Anonymous said...

I do want to go to the drive-ins. I'm pretty excited about this new indie movie "Serenity." What time is everyone leaving?


Anonymous said...

Live album recording for the Four Eyes on monday at the loft. see the website for details (unless beckler reposts the info here).

Anonymous said...

I thought you quit the Pet Pit because you were grossed you didn't know dog grooming involved draining fluid from the anal glands?