Thursday, October 06, 2005

secret cliquey hipster party

press release from Charles. Email this addres or Charles directly.

There's a PARTY! Sunday, October 9th at the Crest Theatre to celebrate the 42nd annual Arrogant English Bastard New Year (aka Tony's Birthday) and Crest Band Night – with 6 Crest-affiliated bands playing: Don, Outgunned, Jeff Ricketts, Touchy Feelies and Rock the Light.

Music starts at 7pm and will go until a little after 11pm (nothing too late as it's a "school night"). Free soda and chips/pretzels/etc. – beer & wine on sale. There's no cover and you don't need a ticket, but you do NEED TO BE ON THE GUEST LIST. You can get on the list by being a guest of a Crest employee or a band member or by emailing with your last name, first name and the number of people coming with you.


Anonymous said...

I got an email back saying I was "denyd" when my answer to "best black flag song" was Tv Party tonight!

Anonymous said...

What? Is that some sort of "indie" inside lofter joke!?