Thursday, July 14, 2005


Doing actual work is hard. Thumbs down! Let's see, there's some kind of noise-type show at Tonevendor tonight. Check their website for details. You'll never guess who's playing? Let's see if you can's a noise's at must be....Eat the people! Dingdingding! You are correct. Oh yeah, they play every single one of these shows. I forgot. Please, someone else start some noise projects around here!

Oh yeah, those pictures were taken by Erik, hope he doesn't mind that I linked it. I got the link from the chick list! So blame the chicks.

Somehow that reminded me to settle a bet between D.P. and Heckamax. D.P.-you owe Al five bucks. Here's the proof. There was no McCartney solo album before "McCartney". The name kind of offers a clue to that. My five dollar bet still stands. I have a bet with Anna that Cruise will crack up and be hospitalized before October 1. Cruise better start gettin' crazier, and quick! Maybe I can enlist a scientology wizard to help me push him over the edge.

Last night I attended a very interesting party that was filled with young political and journalistic types. I got to hear a slick guy in a suit who immediately struck me as the worst guy possible (and I wasn't alone in this assessment) give a speech to his friend in which he thanked him for introducing him to burning man. He said he felt like he was home. He had such a leering, party guy, huckstery vibe that I'm 90% sure that Burning Man mostly felt like home due to the abundance of bare breasts and free flowing booze, but maybe it was a spiritual thing. Hell, I guess that spells home to me, too. As soon as I open the door most days D.P. and DB greet me with their shirts off and make me drink a beer with no hands.


Alice said...

he did say he was wearing a gold dress, however. so maybe he liked burning man because it felt like a recreation of one of his big boy secret society sex parties.

Anonymous said...

Easiest $5 ever! I'm shocked, DP! And maybe I'm amazed. But definitely shocked.


beckler said...

good one.
somebody get this guy a blog!

Anonymous said...

Summer School!
Holy Crappolla, this is some tedious stuff. If anybody has some interesting lesson plans that involve group work, having fun etc. for tenth graders, please, let me know. I'm boring these kids to tears. Enough already, I know, I know.

Victory for Al! I knew that I had the five bucks when DP couldn't remember the album cover or any of the songs on this "first" Mcartney album. He also heard it while doing something questionable with Mike C. You do the math.

And finally, although Knock Knock is now a two time Sammy loser, I'd like to thank everyone who voted and caused Rock the Light to win their third Sammy in a row! Its off to the Sammy hall of fame for us! I'd like to thank the fans.



I told my class that "In the Closet" was the most ridiculous song I've ever heard and some kids got really worked up.

Anonymous said...

Heckamax, you should just pull a Patrone and let them watch "City of God." Or just let them listen to "In the Closet" over and over because its ridiculously good!


Anonymous said...

has anyone heard the rumor about tom c. and the m.b.20 singer?