Thursday, July 21, 2005


Here's the deal on the volleyballparty afterparty (be sure to stock up on Marty). Otherwise known as Mike R.'s party:

when: this saturday, 8:00-huh, that cuts pretty close to my party, so try to really come around 4:00 so you can get some good playing in. Don't expect to stroll up to the park at 8:30 and get any facetime with me.
where: Mike R's house, right near Bon Air Deli and that art store. You'll know the house.
what: bands and djing!

The lineup:

The new Knightmares (with a different drummer)
The Two Gallants-Pitchfork veritably drooled. Perhaps I am using veritably wrong. Substitute literally, or figuratively, take your pick.
The Younger Brothers-I can't seem to google anything about this band cuz their name is a common phrase. I did learn some things I didn't know about the Allman Brothers and the Gatlin Brothers, though.

After the bands play, some hot new DJs will hit the turntables. I don't know if they have a catchy DJ name yet. They should make one up.


Unknown said...

i think they're now the Nightmares.

note the subtle change.

beckler said...

Can somebody get the address for me? Or confirm that I'm at least right about which block it's on.

Anonymous said...

Its on 26th and "J" next tot he art store on the seconf floor and the deli actually is Bon Air... Deli Delight, R.I.P., is now Tamaya.


beckler said...

oh duh. I can't believe I ate at Tamaya and yet was still somehow thinking there was a parallel universe where Deli Delight actually existed. Yeah, I meant Bon Air.