Friday, July 29, 2005

totally unsecret show

Guess it's not a secret. Here's the info:

The !!!, Delayed Sleep and JunoBot(?) show is going to be Sunday at 8pm and I hear has to be over by 11:30. Its at some place on 36th and Broadway. I have never been there but I hear it can hold many many people. So everyone should go!

Only hipsters will be admitted and the secret password is "clap your hands say yeah".

I think that's the brickhouse venue. If the show has to be on a sunday night then I'm glad it will be over early. I needs my sleep.


Anonymous said...

secret shows are lame anyways

Anonymous said...

Yeah, widely publicized shows totally rule. Can't wait for Jackie Greene at the Fillmore!


Anonymous said...

Right, that secret LCD show totally sucked.


Anonymous said...

Ya LCD did suck because they wouldn't let me N because i was not 1337, just a lamer.
emo fill ups

armeniac said...

whats 1337? if i got in to the lcd show, am i 1337? lets see what could it mean? well richard the lion hearted pretty hot in 1337, so was humanism and the black death ,oh and selling papal indulgences so one could sin away at will. all these seem like dead ends though, curious. and emo you need to come back bro, these new comedians do a terrible job of brushing there hair out of their faces. you ruled at that man!

Anonymous said...

Emo fill ups - maybe they wouldn't let you in because you ran out of the emotional gas that keeps you from getting lamer and lamer. Shit, my purse must be cursed again today! Where are you anonydis?


Anonymous said...

"1337" = "LEET" as in "elite"

How was the show? the lamer wouldnt let me in because i wasnt thirteen-thirty seven enough.

beckler said...

What is this numerology bullshit? What are you in the Wu-Tang Clan or something? Keep this shit off my blog!

Anonymous said...

725 8823 56 992321.
1337, |-|/-\><0|2

|-| 3 ( |< /-\ 5 /-\ (