Friday, July 08, 2005

Overheard in Sac

well... really it was told to me by d.p., but the overheard in ny has inspired me-

D.P. (burps loudly)
2 stateworker ladies walking by
stateworker 1: that's gross
D.P.-I had to let it out
both stateworkers (now past him and down the street, yell loudly in unison) It's still gross!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go get a soda and try to overhear something too. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

No luck. There weren't any crazy bums in front of A & P. However, I did see DB and shouted: I'm bored too!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so bored that I think I'm just going to keep on mindlessly commenting. I don't care if I have nothing to say. I don't care if its boring everybody else. Brew

Alice said...


you are keeping me entertained.

Anonymous said...

overheard at star trek convention after nki:tng played:

kid: man, those guys sucked.

mom: they didn't suck, they were just...different.

world famous worm (i think): no, they sucked.

then later...

same kid: will you sign my cd?

jay: sure.

kid: i play drums too.

jay:really? how long've you been playing?

kid: almost two years.

jay: wow, you're probably better than me.

i thought both of those exchanges were very funny...and that kid was a punk.


Anonymous said...

That kid said we sucked? what a little bitch. he told me that we rocked (about 12 times).

Overheard right now in my head:
"I hope we dont suck more than knowing you're going to be living in that shaved ice cart for the rest of you life, kid!"

wake up and post about the con, becky!

-the mean dude

beckler said...

hey mean dude-
I think the kid that said you sucked was a different kid than the shave ice (not shaved ice, shave-ice) kid. right cooter?

Anonymous said...

The re-enactment says "same kid"