Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hot hot heat

Hot enough for ya? That's right, I'm blogging about the weather, so what? What, you got something better to write about, go ahead. 105 today. I will not leave my cool as a cucumber, hermetically sealed laboratory (pronounced la-BOR-a-tor-y) until I am off work at which time I will curse Sacramento. Note to volleyball fans who are stoked that I have a new net, I left the poles in my car and they melted. I'm serious. They're as curved as...well I can think of a comparison but I won't make it.

There are so many intriguing new shows posted on the undie list today! Most of them are in August. Two standouts are that Mika Miko are coming back to town (so cute!), and the Bananas with the Trashies in Davis.


Anonymous said...

Watch this. It's the creepiest thing ever.


(Stolen from Piss Olsen)

g bomb

beckler said...

I declare that the hot new catch phrase is "blood that's coming from inside my body through and opening between my legs". Can we turn that into a chant?

beckler said...

Oh my god, it gets worse as it goes on! Is this illegal for me to watch.

Also, what's a period?

Alice said...

i couldn't believe how long it was myself. i mean, how many times do you need to comment on the fact that the pad is white on one side and blue on another? then again, she does get all the questions right at the end so i guess she's a quick study. i think she's ready to move onto bras and pubic hair.

Anonymous said...

I just love how everything is veiled like "an opening between her legs" except for the dirty sanitary napkin which is practically thrown in our faces. Nowdays that blood would be replaced by a delicate red flower. Like a rose or a poppy.


beckler said...

I think it's important to remember that although this seems insane, it probably helped some developmentally delayed women in the 70's figure out what they had to do. I'm sure that's why they repeat everything so many times.

Anonymous said...

Menstruation is so over. Getting kicked in the balls is the new menstruation.