Friday, July 15, 2005

What to do, what to do

I'd like a report on that show last night at Tonevendor, if anyone would like to write it.

What's up for this weekend? I'll be camping at Lake Janky so count me out. I'll mostly be eating bacon, sausage, salami, and then chasing it down with some beer and more bacon.

There's a Mosquitoes show in SF that I'd probably be going to if I weren't camping: Tullycraft/ The Mosquitoes/ Boyracer/ Mia Schoen @ Hotel Utah

And, tomorrow night is the Brian Jonestown Massacre at Old I. I really wish I wasn't missing this show, but I suspect that there will be some total D's who will show up just to fuck with Anton, which would annoy me. It's funny when shit like that happens spontaneously, but now that Dig has made him the new G.G. Allin, he's probably gonna get similar types of smartasses coming to his shows. I hope he takes a cue from G.G. and just rubs shit on himself and runs into the audience. That'll teach 'em!

I think the So So Many White White Tigers album release thing is tonight in Davis, so if you are a fan of noisy art rock or breasts, check it out.

I would like to revise my review of the new Kels album, TP3 reloaded. I listened to it at home, instead of on my crappy computer speakers and work and it's fucking great. He even out D'Angelos D'Angelo on one song, and since D'Angelo is busy working out or getting bone grafts so he can be taller or whatever, we need someone to step in. Thanks Worm!!!!


Unknown said...

tomorrow is the Crash-o-rama at the Roseville Fairgrounds.

and DJ French-cut among others will be holding a spin off (Mods vs. Rockers) at the Golden Bear tomorrow night.

and not to be missed, the Bro Art Show at the new Toyroom Gallery. Garin, Judd, more Sacto locos. locals.

the schnauzer said...

did somebody say 'breasts'?