Thursday, July 07, 2005

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To elaborate on the reasons why there needs to be a Crest vs. Tower spelling bee

1)I'm sure there are people at both businesses who know they are bad spellers and don't want there to be a spelling be, but
a)no one would be stupid enough to judge anyone's intelligence on their spelling ability. There are plenty of smart people who can't spell for shit. and
b)if you are really nervous about it, don't participate, or if you participate and you are indeed kind of a crappy speller, you will probably be eliminated in the first round, so you will have to endure less than one minute of nervousness

2)The Crest already won the first battle of brawn, and people were tossing around other ideas for physical competition, but I think that there is a good chance that the Crest would win most of them. For instance, softball. I happen to know that Charles is quite good and I think that Candice played in high school or something, so right there they probably have the Tower whipped. It's not fair for the Crest to only agree to competitions which they'll probably win. I mean, for all I know they could win the spelling bee, too. Let's find out!!

There could be a simultaneous arm wrestling competition, too, if people want it.


Anonymous said...


If you are on a PC you have to check out Google Earth. This shit is tight!!!! It's different grom google sattelite, which was just the US. It's not as creepy as it seems, the photos are taken in real time, they can be as old as 3 years. Also, it gets pretty fuzzy when you get really close. But, so far they don't have it for Macs. It's neat, Sac is at pretty high resolution.


Anonymous said...

have the softball contest and have jay hire on the kitten kats for a day (paided with popcorn).

BTW. game tonight at 6:30 at Reichmuth Park (43rd by where South Land Park Drive hits it)


Anonymous said...

worm here, i say the only worthwhile competition would be an air hockey event!.....
tower vs. crest
air hockey!
i'm very serious.

world famous

beckler said...

nobody downtown has an air hockey table. have you thought of this, worm? however, there are many dictionaries filled with fun words to spell in the downtown area.

Alice said...

i think you need to lure the crest folks into the competition with a decent prize. like a pizza or a hooker. or both.

Anonymous said...

we could caravan to scandia or the point...there are plenty of tables around the sac area and i think we can do this smartypants....
we could also have an eating contest...who can eat the most burritos for example....or cereal..i can eat more cereal than anyone in the world..


beckler said...

I ate half a box of cereal for lunch and I feel sick. You could probably eat more cereal than me.

The prize for winning is called pride, Alice, and money can't buy it.

Anonymous said...

we would slay them cresties at spelling or air hockey.could they be combined? granted the 4 eyes couldn't play "spelling bee" over and over again at scandia. i do like the test of brains after the test of strength. maybe we should just find an island on the river and mud wrestle/chat up girls in bikinis. how do you spell superiority (sic) t-o-w-e-r !

Unknown said...

yeah, but money can buy hookers.


beckler said...

but can it buy pride for said hookers?

Anonymous said...

Liv Moe here and it's on! Fuck air hockey, I'll take the pizza and the hooker and spell my ass off! Softball sounds good too, either way the Tower is toast.

Okay, now to rally the rest of my Crest cohorts.

Stay Gold Sacramento!!!!