Friday, July 15, 2005

Strike that

Shit! I tuned in only to hear the last part of the last song. But I guess they're doing Hank Williams karaoke again tonight at Old I. I have fantasies about singing this one HW song "Why don't ya love me like you used to do", but I know I would chicken out.


Anonymous said...

The DJs sang a song (I think it was DJ Sister and Maggie Cat) and it was so good! But they said afterwards that they were really scared and shaking, but they sounded great.

I made a brilliant Scarlett Johanssen comment earlier that didn't show up. It was probably the best comment ever.


Anonymous said...

Who won at the Kitten Kats game last night? I missed it because i was on the DL

and by DL i mean hurt not the "down low" like they talked about on Oprah.

Anonymous said...

The kitten kats kicked ass! Alex was up from San Jose and he got a couple triples.