Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Intonation fest

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No less than the Grey Lady herself today features a picture of Sactown's finest, Nic Offer. Here's the article, which fails to mention Out Hud. I'm sure they'll get a mention on Pitchfork tomorrow, when part 2 of the fest summary is printed.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Offer!

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't gone back to the old comments lately, leiebrock reads your blog. And she posted a smart retort!

beckler said...

Of course she reads my blog. Please. I thought her response was nice. I was kind of picking on her article. Hi Rachel! I see you around town all the time. I was standing next to you at that antique fair under the freeway. That antique fair bites it. What a bunch of crap! And where do they get off charging an entrace fee? Don't they already charge the people who set their stuff up there?