Friday, July 22, 2005

Mconaghuey? maconehey? i can't spell it!!

I glad the comments heated up late in the day. I guess all of you must have had work to do this morning or something like that. RIP Bobby Jackson. That sucks. I'm surprised everyone likes the movie reviews, I was worried they'd be boring (well not dan's review, my review). I don't know about this Josh Lucas movie, but I would watch Josh Lucas churn butter while wearing a diaper. I hope that's what the movie is about.*** I heard Wedding Crashers is horrible, so I guess there will be no Butterscotch Stallion fix for me for a while, but DB and I will have to coordinate a movie for next week.

I'm out like....a lout. I hope to see everybody out there playing volleyball tomorrow.

***I don't really think Josh Lucas is fine. Even though I just wrote it as an excuse to make a joke, it pained me that people would think that I think he's fine.


DB said...

Not even a little bit Jewish? I think you're just refusing to claim ownership on this one.

Anonymous said...

No, I think he's Irish.

I love He Said/She Said! Definitley make it a regular thing!


Anonymous said...