Thursday, July 28, 2005

Somewhere bound?

This is stolen off the chick list. Jackie Green got a profile on NP fucking R! Not local capital public radio but the national broadcast. For some reason I can't listen to it on my computer but here's the link. It's funny that it's called Jackie Green:Somewhere Bound. I don't want to dis too much because my comment section will be flooded by his rabid fans. And I already have a hard enough time dealing with my mom, I don't need a bunch of other wingnut ladies in their 50s mad at me. Come to think of it, I bet my mom would be pretty into Jackie Green. He's like a young Dylan. If Dylan was shitty instead of great.


Anonymous said...

I was searching for "kid choking girl penis" and came across this site. I just thought it was funny since I am a huge Jackie Green fan.

love, the pervo

DB said...

First must-see movie of 2005: "Hustle and Flow". I'm calling it.

beckler said...

oh yeah. i totally want to see that***

***pointless, boring comment

Uneasy Rhetoric said...

Jackie who?