Friday, July 01, 2005

Directions for monday show

Well, still no definitive word from the tour dudes (RTL and Knightmares) about good directions, an actual address for Beau, or a phone number, but here's what I have so far:

Step 1. Go to Chico. 99 North. Pass Yuba. Holler at the ladies for me.
Step 2. Arrive in Chico and take the Chester Orland exit. Take a Left on Chester (First left. Its one way)
Step 3. Left on Chestnut. You are almost there. Crack open a road soda.
Step 4. Right on W 12th St. One block down and park. Look for a Van or Beau's black truck. Or listen for Beau. He sounds like a young James Earl Jones. Seriously, his house will be on the left side of the road. I'll post the address later. These directions are pretty Al so handle with care. Again, I'll post the address.Love you guys, stay frosty, -heckamax

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Anonymous said...

Heya heya heya,

Seattle and Spokane were awesome. I'm sad things are winding down but I'm also worried that Vince might be going in my room. Vince, STAY OUT OF MY ROOM.

Directions from the Horse's Mouth (Beau Baca) are exactly like mine.

1. 99 North all the way to Chico, baby.

2. Take the Highway 32 Chester Orland Exit towards downtown.

3. Left on Chestnut.

4. Right on 12th.

Beau's address is 541 West 12. (You can google map it if you still don't like these directions.)

Beau's number is 530- 893- 5733.

I hope to see you guys soon,

Goin' Buck,