Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Hella is going on an arena tour with System of a Down. http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-07/19.shtml#hella
I wonder if there is a band they would turn down a tour with?


Anonymous said...

Publicly saying that you hate System of a Down in Tujunga is not a good idea. It would be like wearing a 'I Heart Turks' T-shirt. In either instance, some guy named Sako or Vartan is going to go apeshit, armenian style and beat your little white ass.

I figure that Hella were probably scared to death of System of a Down and didn't want their asses kicked for saying no. I bet nobody has ever said no to them, about anything. Now at least, when Hella tours Armenia next year, they might not get hurt. Who knew Armenian Opera Rockers could be so tough? All that weird facial hair, it's like they are half wolf! Scary!

(D.P. your people frighten me, but please don't tell them that, you ol' half blood prince.)


Anonymous said...

favorite fake band name of the moment:

Syndrome of a Downs