Thursday, July 28, 2005

potpourri-how's that for a crappy heading?

Dearest readers-
I can't hide anything from you. You can see through me and you can probably tell that I'm not feeling up to snuff today. I had a few more than a few too many last night. I'm about to head home for a well-deserved nap. But before I do, I'll leave you with some parting thoughts:

The building where our beloved Wu works has burned down in a spectacular fire. This is horrible news and I hope it doesn't cause her too much inconvenience. So far, she's working temporarily at another facility.

Pervo Stephen Pearcy is in the news again. You may remember him as the guy that hung the effigy in his front yard. Look what he's up to now. Of course I cherish my right to free speech. I think it should be legal to take a dump on the flag and then light it on fire if you want (has anyone else seen the Mr. Show where the founding fathers design our flag with the perfect color combination to render it impossible for anyone to take a crap on it? that's my favorite sketch), but I happen to know that this guy is a grade A dick and I wish he would go away. If you work down there, you should check out the "I love America" art counter-exhibit outside the DOJ cafeteria. That should be good for a few laughs. Maybe I will do a sketch of Uncle Sam with a giant boner and rush down there to march around.

Another excellent dinner at the Waterboy. No, beyond excellent, fucking awesome. Anna, they have a white anchovy appetizer that you would love.

As for the shows, I attended both the T'vendor and FF shows, but I didn't really listen to the bands at either. Sac was out in full force and it was somewhat cool outside so I just socialized. I don't even know if Ass Candy played or not. The metal band seemed cool but it was making my ears bleed. The Advantage seems like a weak joke band that isn't funny for more than a couple of minutes.


Anonymous said...

Danava got better as their set went on AND they didn't play too long! Can some one say grammy nomination? perhaps an emmy? maybe a golden globe.

Ok, whatever that meant, they where good. Not as good as the cd-r I have, but good. They seem to have technical difficulties and that room sounds awful for loud music. That said, I can make a copy of the cd-r for anyone of they are curious.

I think everyone left for ass-candy. I felt bad but Scott Miller explained to me why I shouldn't feel guilty. It made alot of sense.


ps. I know alot of dudes and ladies are curious as to why I quit the Knightmares. For the record there is no dirt or scandal. Sans Joel's incessant mentioning of "the Jake Break". Music is fun and fulfilling, and I happy I made a decsion where everybody wins in the end. While I may no longer drum roll thru the sweet medodic sounds of Candice, Alec and Joel's voice, the sweet harmonies of those three people shall forever ring in the ears if yours truely.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone even wonder why you quit? I doubt it. You're Charles, you always quit bands. Its what you do.

Anonymous said...

State Fair concerts:

Los Lonely Boys
$10 Opening Day,
Friday, August 12

California Beach Party: The Surfaris, The RICKY NELSON Legacy, Jan & Dean Show
$10 Saturday, August 13

Boyz II Men
$10 Tuesday, August 16

$20 Wednesday, August 17

Carrot Top (comedian)
$10 Thursday, August 18

Alan Parsons $10 Wednesday, August 24

Paul Rodriguez (comedian)
$10 Thursday, August 25

Macy Gray
$10 Tuesday, August 30

Wallflowers $10 Wednesday, August 31
Bill Engvall (comedian)
$20 Thursday, September 1

Huey Lewis
$20 Saturday, September 3
7:00 PM Concert

Ryan Cabrera $20 Monday, September 5,
Labor Day
7:00 PM Concert

Anonymous said...

uh, I also form bands and join bands too. Hmm, funny how the liberal controlled media seemes to ignore those things.


Anonymous said...

here is the list of people who want to try pepsi kona and how much they want to put in on it...

me: 10$
jay: 5$
jenny: 7$
katy h: 5$
alan: 5$
becky: 5$......
i know joel will be intrested...and i know margo wanted to put some in on it....soooooo...we will try to buy it before this weekend and hopefully it will get here before next saturday....maybe we can do it next sat???? any objections?...any better ideas as to where to hold this event?????
please people!...we're spending 40 something bux on a 9yr old soda...we need each others input!

worm love

Anonymous said...

I want to have a bbq either Friday or Saturday in my alley (I have to ask Jenny what's better for her), so maybe we could turn it into a Kona event. I want to make these brown sugar and bourbon ribs that are bizomb and would probably go good with Kona Pepsi...sooooo Worm, let me talk to Jenny and we'll call you.


Anonymous said...

Just in case someone wants to know:
Kitten Kats game tonight at 7:30 at Tahoe Park.
Kitten Kats are currently in 2nd place in the league, i think.


Anonymous said...

follow up:

kitten kats game was the worst last night. lost badly and lots of trash talking. T-man did have a nice 3 run homerun, though.

Anonymous said...

Anna! Did you read that? Alan Parsons at the State Fair! We could see Eye in the Sky performed live. Why isn't it free with fair admission? Who wants to pay 10 simolians just to hear one song, even if that song is fabulous.

Genghis Conway

Anonymous said...

Not to mention who decided that Huey Lewis is worth twice what Alan Parsons is worth? That is bullshit right there. Carrot Top cost the same as "Eye in the Sky"?! INTERROBANG

I yell Bullshit from the mountaintops.


Anonymous said...

I think the concerts are free, the 10 bucks is for if you want the sweet seats.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Kitten kats, dude. I blame myself. I have doggy obedience on Thursdays now.

beckler said...

No one loves the song "eye in the sky" more than I do. A certain substance makes that song sound even sweeter and makes you want to listen to it five times in a row. I can't tell you what that substance is but I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with rocaine.

Anonymous said...

Charles, I was just wondering why you hadn't quit that goddawful band earlier...

I'm talking about The Frenchmen, of course.


Anonymous said...

So this post was from last week and probably no one will read this comment, but that art piece was up at my work for months, along with the effigy of the soldier and nobody gave a f***. And now that it's at the ag's office it's big news. Lesson learned here. Nobody goes to libraries.