Thursday, July 21, 2005


Good news. It's only supposed to be in the low hundreds on the day of my birthday thingy. So it will be hot as fuck, but less than the temperature on the surface of Mars during the day. I'm hoping this will turn out to be wrong because the forecast said that today would be 95 and if you've been outside today that doesn't seem likely.

The new SN&R is out and smiller clued me in the the fact that Clubber name-dropped ol' Heckasac in this weeks column. Should I prepare for a barrage of hits? I'm curious to see if people read it that closely. I'll let you know. He gives you a link to download an entire Brian Jonestown Massacre album, which I'm doing right now.

E.S. wrote a dispatch from the Sammies, and it seems like most people weren't too stoked about the new venue. I like this quote from Matt K., "“This year’s show was interesting, but instead of feeling like an event, it felt like a $6 show for $12.” I'm betting that that pretty much sums it up. I can't really bring myself to care about the Sammies. The only time I ever went was when the Bananas were nominated, and then I just spent the night yelling Bananas a lot and trying to amuse myself during the interminable show. Most people who were there seemed have come just so they could dress up and parade around in their finery, or what passed for finery (hootchie shit), and most people seemed to be in the bar and not really watching much of the show. But of course the Empire is so obviously inferior to the Crest as a venue. I wonder if that pimp guy showed up this year? Cresties will know who I'm talking about. He usually brings a couple of ladies and a butler-type guy who holds his coat and waits on him.


Anonymous said...

If they just decided not to do the Sammies next year, would ANYONE notice?


Anonymous said...

I bet if they nominated Brian Peppers for something they would get a much bigger turnout.

sac said...

I saw that at lunch. They didn't include your URL because the Sac Weekly is still learning about this thing called the internet. That is adorable.


beckler said...

i know that was you who put the kibosh on bedding both shelley long and kirstie alley. your ampersands give you away. you can't say neither. that's the point of "who'd ya rather". you have to pick one. not every lady can be as hot as jumpa lahiri, you know.

sac said...

Actually that wasn't me, I'm firmly (ahem) in the Kirstie Alley camp.

beckler said...

oh. sorry. i thought i recognized the ampersands, but i guess you don't usually post anonymously.