Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I don't wanna be a blog that just rehashes things from other blogs (actually, I don't want to be a blog at all, someday I hope to become human), but this is pretty funny:

Drug suspects devise rocket to fly away with evidence

A pair of suspected drug dealers were arrested after being caught with a rocket loaded with about $150,000 of methamphetamine in the trunk of their car. The suspects had rigged together a system that would pop open the car's trunk and launch the drug-bearing rocket when they pushed the cigarette lighter on the dashboard.
Ledford explained that a web of ropes and pulleys lifted the rocket into launch position when the trunk lid was opened. The rocket could then be ignited from inside the car using the dashboard cigarette lighter.
Cops are pretty certain the rocket was meant to be an escape pod for the drugs, but Ledford diplomatically declined to speculate.
"But they did have the meth inside the rocket," he admitted, "and it could be launched from inside the car."

This is kinda like how the guy at Tweaker tools on Broadway was building a jet engine in the back room.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see what would happen if they gave meth to nobel prize winning scientists.


Josh said...

I need Natalie Head's email!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, and where did you see that story?