Friday, May 30, 2008


To all heckamaxwells-don't read the comments on the thread below unless you want to get some things SPOILED, such as Sawyer's nickname for Lapidus.

I have already made claims that have not been verified by the FDA about the healing properties of my famous BISCUITS so I will not belabor the point. They are DELICIOUS they are ONE DOLLAR, they will be in sale hopefully starting around 1030 or 1100 at the talkaboutcharles yardsale, which is on 21st st. between D and E. Jay and Knock Knock will be playing around 1130. Other people are bringing stuff to sell, including an inflatable kayak that can be had for a steal. I will probably bring some records and maybe clothes.

And then of course, for the third or fourth time, there is a show at the DAM house that night that's gonna be PPP

Thursday, May 29, 2008

my fluffy biscuits

I'm listening to an advance copy of the Ancient Sons album "The Dark Gospel", and it's really good. Super trippy, a bit of a mind fuck. They have a bunch of shows coming up.

Well I can pretty much say without a hint of exaggeration that The Fiery Furnaces is the best band that has ever or ever will exist, and I'll just leave it at that. I mean, I suppose that sometime in the future, genetic engineering could produce a more perfect band but I probably won't live to see it.

I'm using this forum to make an important announcement: I will be selling my world famous buttermilk biscuits at the Talk About Charles yardsale at 21st and D on saturday, starting at around 10:30 or 11. I'm making them all up fresh that morning, so I'll get there as soon as I can. It will be a dollar per biscuit. You will want to buy some to take home. My biscuits are FLUFFY. My biscuits are SOFT. My biscuits are FLAKY and DELICIOUS. I'm sure some readers of this blog could offer testimonials.

In fact, this saturday is shaping up to be pretty damn perfect. It's the Sierra 2 sale. Or wait, it's a neighborhood yard sale day? Is that the same thing? Anyway, go here and they have a PDF map that shows you where the yardsales are happening. So you could cruise over to that, come buy some biscuits, go over to the Rubicon for the Maibock festival, find a designated driver, head over to the DAM house for Pure Pop Perfection, and there you go.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I just realized I get to see the Fiery Furnaces TONIGHT! Excited!

culinary assistance needed

So...another trip to Oto's yielded some culinary questions:

I bought a Taiwan gobo (burdock). It's a long (over three feet) skinny root. I consulted my cookbook and there were a couple of recipes but I also took a bite raw and found it to be really unpleasant. It tasted like licking a chlorinated pool. Anyone ever used this stuff for anything?

They also had green plums (ume) which they were touting as "in season" and "locally grown" which suckered me into buying them, but then when I tasted one, it was as hard and sour as....a green plum. I know that people eat them pickled but what the hell do you do with raw ones?

I bought some preserved tofu in a jar which I was excited to try, but the jar was leaking so I had to throw it out. I also got some fresh bamboo shoot (it's in a tub in the front near the vegetables, floating in liquid) which was tasty to snack on. It reminded me of canned pineapple. I went for some frozen eel that was touted as organically farmed and it was really good over rice.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

P.P.P. on saturday

So back to the daily business-

Tonight, there's a show at the Horse Cow. It's the two remaining bros from the Sun City Girls. Starts at 7:30. If you need to mapquest it, the address is 111 North Harbor Blvd, West Sac. It's ten bucks, but there's a film, too, and if you've never been out to the Horse Cow, it's like you're getting an admission to an art gallery included in that because of all the art cars and other assorted googaws, also, maybe you will see boobs and then it's a deal because you usually have to spend at least ten bucks at Embers to see those. J.K. about the boobs, I think.

Tomorrow, the fiery furnaces are playing Harlows. I know that there is really no way to compel anyone to see a show they don't want to go to, and I know that the way they remix and reorchestrate and medley up their songs bums some people out, but I find that they always surprise and delight. I just love this band so much! The Harlow's website says, variously, that the show starts at nine and ten. I really hope it's nine. If it's ten it is inexplicably starting one or two hours later than their shows usually start.

Neung Phak, who I hear are really good, are playing in Davis on friday.

But the BIG NEWS is the PURE POP PERFECTION show at the DAM House (530 E st. Davis) on SATURDAY. So Cow/No Bunny/English Singles. This show starts at SEVEN, it will start ON TIME for those of you who don't like to stay out late and it is DONATION for those of you who are cheap bastards, it's RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE CO-OP for you hippy types, and MICK MUCUS will probably be there for those in search of eye candy. It's pretty much something for everyone.

Also on saturday, Talk About Charles Production presents a yardsale that will have an acoustic soundtrack provided by Knock Knock and Jay "Biz" Baker. 21st and D. Bands play around 1130.

nashville report

OK, just a brief Nashville report cuz it might be boring if you haven't been there or will never go there and also because there is so much goddamned shit going on this week to think about.

This is Arnold's, which often gets voted "best meat and 3" (as the sign says) in Nashville. I had to walk through a slightly sketchy area to get here, and Nashville is one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly places I've ever been (how about no crosswalks anywhere? hardly anyone walks and I saw like two bikes the whole time I was there), but Arnold's was totally worth it.
It's cafeteria-style in a way that reminded me of trips to Luby's in my youth, but way better. The meat that was offered was roast beef, chicken livers, or country-fried steak. I got the roast beef, which was slightly rare and juicy and studded with whole garlic cloves. My sides were fried green-tomatoes (tart, with a crispy cornmeal crust), greens (salty) and mac and cheese (perfect Southern style). My dessert was tooth-rottingly sweet pecan pie washed down with sweet tea. This meal was practically flawless!
However, the best single meal I had the whole time was at a food stall in the farmer's market called Jamaicaway. That below is scrumptious curry goat, bracingly bitter turnip greens, snappy stewed cabbage, ginger beer, and a johnnycake on the side (which tasted like a rich, savory doughnut). Nashville has a year round farmer's market housed in a big warehouse that puts all our farmer's markets to shame. It had an Indian market that was better stocked than anything we have, tons of live plants for sale, Amish people selling baked goods, and lots of tasty lamb and pork. If they can do this, why can't we?
I tried out Hog Heaven, which is often named as the best BBQ in Nashville. It was in a little whitebrick shack with a screened in patio.
I got the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and what can I say? I thought it was just ok. A little dry. Thanks to Cam's rec, I made sure to make time to visit Monell's, which is in a pretty cute neighborhood called Germantown. Monell's is a family style restaurant, meaning you are seated with strangers and pass plates and bowls around. For a flat fee (about 13 bucks for breakfast) you are presented with a cornucopia of food and beverages that includes but is not limited to: biscuits, gravy, homemade peach preserves, cornmeal pancakes, bacon, country ham, sausage, green apples in syrup, eggs, potatoes, and best of all-fried chicken for breakfast! This place is awesome and shouldn't be missed!

The Opry was fun. I recommend it. People are unbelievably friendly in the South, it's true.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Knock Knock in the park!!

Heckasac's still in Nashville but I thought I'd get on here really quick & remind everyone that Knock Knock is playing this eve at the Friday concert in Cesar Chavez park. The music starts at 5:00 - Knock Knock goes on around 7:00. They have made a solemn promise to tear the audience a big ol' new one.

Monday, May 19, 2008

nashville, marrs, shows

I'm busy preparing for my trip to Nashville. Any advice on places to eat, stuff to do would be appreciated. I wonder if there's thrifting to be done? There's a thrift store called "Sanford and Son thrift". I was thinking of watching the show at the Grand Old Opry. Anyone been? Am I gonna be OK getting around without a car (not OK like safe, OK like is it fun to walk around?).

I will be pursuing a culinary tip about Azul in the MARRs building, and I was wondering, now that it's mostly done, what does everybody think about that development? Do you get anything good out of it? I never frequent it, but it seems ok.

After tomorrow I won't post for a week probably, but there are a TON of fun things coming up.

sunday, the 25th, the Parenthetical Girls and Deal Western are playing at the Firehouse in Davis. Parenthetical Girls is an intriguing and genderbending band. I don't know that their recorded output really does them justice. The singer is really charismatic and nice and funny, too. They are great, and I would totally go to this show, except I'm going to the Mantles, Vivian Girls show in Oakland instead. I hate having to choose!
Also coming up, the Fiery Furnaces are playing at Harlow's on may 28th. I'm beyond psyched to the max for this show. They are releasing an absurd live album at the end of the summer. It's three lps long! I would write downt the track list but it might crash blogger.
There are a lot of shows that next weekend (30th, 31st) but I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Just be sure to mark your calendar for the So Cow/No Bunny/English Singles show on May 31st at the DAM haus. I love the DAM haus wiki entry! Maybe I will make some food for this show?!?!?

Friday, May 16, 2008


This weekend's off the chain, its' runnin' through my brain I don't need no cocaine...uh sorry, just singing this in my head to the tune of "hey ya". You remember that song, right? What will the song of the summer be this summer, now that it's officially started? I am already getting mentally exhausted thinking about how many shows and other stuff are happening this summer. Did you know the ohsees are coming back here in july!?

Happy birthday to GW and Gballz!!!!!!

Pin-a-go-go starts today. Ten bucks, huh? When did they raise it from five? I guess I haven't been in a few years. It's gonna be really hot in that warehouse.

Portuguese festa on sunday, follow Ella's directions in the post below. There's a nice parade and then a luncheon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

tour photos

5/9/08 The Bananas
Originally uploaded by azzface

I have been diligently combing through flickr and have determined that the only bananas photos posted from tour are from the shows in New York. Are they the hardest working band in showbiz? Quite possibly. At first I was stoked that this azzface guy posted these photos, but as I combed through the many, many photos, culling the best for you I realized he/she is one of those annoying people who take 6.2 million flash photos during a set. C'mon kids, the digital revolution is cool and all, but you need to limit your photo taking to about 5-10 photos per set.

5/10/08 The Bananas

5/10/08 The Bananas
Originally uploaded by azzface

5/10/08 The Bananas

5/10/08 The Bananas
Originally uploaded by azzface

5/10/08 The Bananas

5/10/08 The Bananas
Originally uploaded by azzface

5/10/08 The Bananas

5/10/08 The Bananas
Originally uploaded by azzface

The Bananas

The Bananas
Originally uploaded by t-holz

The Bananas

The Bananas
Originally uploaded by t-holz

The Bananas

The Bananas
Originally uploaded by Da Coolest

Bananas fans

Bananas fans
Originally uploaded by Da Coolest

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

too busy to smile

This picture from the Zelda's website is awesome! Man, that is one sassy website. Their motto is: Order ahead, sit down, and be grateful! In the "tips for dinning" ( that spelling is one of my pet peeves) they say that they are "often too busy to smile".

This news of a serial stabber in Del Paso Heights is terrifying. I will avoid Del Paso until this guy is caught, I think. The people of Del Paso need to go all Nightstalker on his ass and chase him down.

KJ clarifies his stance on Sac being more like Phoenix.
They have a basketball arena AND a baseball arena downtown there. Sweet!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

assistance please

I need some help. What's your favorite place to get ceviche? Downtown preferable, but all comers will be considered.

Joey, how could you?

Did you catch that the News and Review asked Mayor Fargo about Fool's Foundation? Pretty funny. The version on the web is a lot longer. I liked her answer to the Fool's question, but I doubt she would follow up on that and it just shows that it's who you know in the city that decides whether you will thrive or get shut down.

I have to say that I was very, very disappointed in Ask Joeys column this week. I'm dismayed that I have defended her column many times against people that say that it's a crappy waste of space. She says that the "cultural chorus that advocates abortion tends to deny the possibility of grief". What a crazy statement. For one, there aren't really any "abortion advocates" out there. Those would just be fringe misanthropes. There are abortion RIGHTS advocates, and we are trying to ensure that every woman has the CHOICE about what to do in the case of unwanted pregnancy. That's a legal issue, it has nothing to do with grief counseling. If abortion rights were not constantly being assailed left and right, then perhaps everyone would have the time and energy to worry about the emotional issues involved.

She follows with a bunch of mumbo jumbo about how the choice to have an abortion impacts the planet, which I countered by summarizing some scientific literature about the emotional after-effects of abortion, but I'm sure that would just be boring and seem like I'm a zealot. I'll just reiterate that I'm disappointed.

Friday, May 09, 2008

busking their hearts out

TGIF, dudes. Personally, I'm going to the movies on a big screen in West Sac tonight. I might maybe hit up the Old Soul BBQ again, because they are saying that your 8 bucks will buy you a "1/2 chicken" with greens and beans tonight. Not like I need a giant portion, but last time it was a rip. Mayfair started last night, goes through sunday. The whole earth festival is in Davis on saturday, too. Then saturday night is second saturday. Allen and Jay will be doing some busking on 20th and J street, so bring your nickels and pennies (in rolls please) to toss into their hats. The Pizzas will be playing outside Cuffs. Which place is that? I buy all my urban apparel elsewhere.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Movies on a big screen

I forgot to watch the debate because I was reading Gastronomica. I got a free copy at that event, and I should have grabbed all three issues that they had because just as I guessed, it's exorbitantly expensive. 47 bucks for four issues. Looks like I can read it free online on my university computer. Sweet! How was the debate? What did you think. I saw a clip on the news and Mayor Fargo looked pretty. Who's the guy in the Led Zep shirt?

Anyway, there's something else going on this weekend, it's something that goes on every friday, the screenings that Lurch and Deeann put on in West Sac at 4th and F. Starts at seven, five bucks, cheap. Here's the description of the one this friday. It's particularly relevant in light of the news about Sac 6:

Preserve Me A Seat

We don't remember a lot about our distant past, but we do remember our favorite movie theatre. "Preserve Me a Seat" is a documentary about these theatres and the ongoing fight to protect and preserve them for future generations. Featuring preservation efforts in Boston (The Gaiety Theatre), Detroit (The former Michigan Theatre), Chicago (The DuPage Theatre), Omaha (The Indian Hills Cinerama Theatre), and Salt Lake City (The Villa Theatre), "Preserve Me a Seat" will appeal to anyone who has cherished memories of seeing their favorite movies in a grand theatre, and who appreciates the unique architecture of movie theatres. Even more than that, however, the documentary explores a number of urban development issues particularly relevant to Sacramento in a number of ways (not just theaters): adaptive reuse, a lack of response by city governments to their constituency, the destruction of historic spaces for the sake of what are essentially urban lofts (high-end residential units, at least), and much more. There's also the irony that we, who move into a space and create a theater to the best of our ability, are showing this, rather than a beautiful (actual) theater.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This is a priceless quote from this article about the effects of the quasi-recession on Old Sac. It's from the owner of Turtles

Larson, a former marketing executive who has run Turtles for eight years, said instead of scaling back in anticipation of hard times, he got more aggressive, offering more types of fudge, a wider variety of Betty Boop merchandise, more stuffed-animal backpacks.

Maybe in hard times, people turn to depression era cartoon characters?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Nobody tell Janatalie about this. They might hurt themselves.

frascati and fava

There's a Sacramento mayoral debate that KJ has deigned to appear in tomorrow, starting at 6pm. On Channel 10.

So, as you probably know, favas are in season. I don't think I've ever had them before that I can recall (I can hear you gasping), so I wasn't sure what the hell to do with them. BR gave me some tips, and I read about them in my Marcella Hazan book before I went to go buy. They are pretty darn expensive at the co-op, and also somewhat moldy! Oh well. I tried to pick out the smaller ones in the pile so the beans would be tender.

On BR's rec, I paired them with Frascati wine and Pecorino Romano cheese. This particular bottle of frascati is from Corti Bros. It was delicious and it only costs ten bucks. Wikipedia just told me that frascati is made from a blend of trebbiano, greco and malvasia grapes.

Here's the salad I made. I went all Marcella on its ass and made it with sunchokes, fennel, and parmesan. With a red wine vinaigrette. The small, new fennel bulbs available right now are tender and anise-y. I fucked with the settings on my camera and have made my photography worse if that's even possible.
Here are the favas resting next to their natural ally, Pecorino Romano cheese. I am now addicted to this cheese. It's so salty!!
Here's the finished fava dish. Pancetta, onion, and fava. Simple.

Monday, May 05, 2008

mystery solved

I was perusing the Sacramento Union, and actually kind of enjoying it (is that a measure of how bad the Bee is?), and in an article about a local Olive Garden manager being sent to the Olive Garden insitute in Tuscany (yes, that is a real thing that really happens) was embedded this piece of information: the now defunct Jazzmen's Art of Pasta in Old Sac was so named because the owner had a granddaughter named Jazzmen! That makes it way less insane.

Friday, May 02, 2008

crazy informative blog

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to link to this AMAZINGGGIGGIGNG Sacramento-based food blog. This guy hunts, he fishes, he grows, he cooks, he makes his own fucking olives, for Gods sake! This blog made me feel bad about myself for about a day, if that tells you how good it is (well, that's really not that hard to do, I guess). This guy also writes for Edible Sacramento, and their spring issue is out. I don't have a copy yet.

stuff to do!

I hate to bust out the "h" word, but a pretty hip Brooklyn (god, my mom always used the word hip to denote someone who smoked weed, but I can't think of how else to say it) band is playing at the Blue Lamp tonight, they're called Blood On the Wall. I saw them open for the Black Dice before, they're a good, fun party-style band. They're playing with Pets and the Nurses.

Also, local renaissance eccentric Zak Nelson is having at art opening at Brick Brack (2114 p st.) and then playing a show at the Witchdome. That's my plan for the night, but I may try to hop over to Blood On The Wall, too.

Tomorrow, Rock the Light and Iguanadon at the Distillery.

Sunday, the Ancient Sons are playing at Club Pow, but looks like it's not an early show. Starts at nine.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

opposite day

I posted about my horror at this on tuesday right before I left, but then I took it down because I didn't want to be accused of being negative or tearing down local business. Let's just say that I am the opposite of excited at the prospect of the old Pava's site being turned into a branch of the Cafe Gratitude chain.

Also, I am the opposite of pleased that Kevin Johnson publicly stated in the Bee that K street should try to attract Niketown. I hope he tries to grab some other teens boobs on some secret hidden camera so that he will get kicked out of this race.

I was the opposite of bored to see David Blaine break the world record for holding his breath on Oprah yesterday. That guy is such a freak!