Thursday, July 31, 2014

grocery musings

Crazy. They announced a Whole Foods at 20th and L today in the Bee. We were discussing it last night and Smiller was saying it was going on the R street corridor, which I either didn't know or had forgotten. I wonder if that deal fell through?

I have mixed emotions, of course, since Whole Foods is a lame chain, but def leaning towards positive. A big Sacramento bucket list item for me has been a market I can walk to. It will hurt the Sac co-op but I don't want to say I hate that co-op but I haven't been there in over a year. Possibly leaning towards two years. I shop at the Davis one and I will shop there less, but it's very successful and it won't hurt that business. In contrast, when Trader Joe's first opened in Davis it cut business by 10%, but the co-op had smartly made a contingency plan for just such a drop.

Judging by the spokesman's comments in the Bee today, the Sac co-op is of course bummed, but they've made some dumbass decisions financially and that's their fault. They are probably still recovering financially from that Elk Grove store that closed. I'm not sure the reason for the SNC move, but it seems stupid. I guess if the store is bigger they could make more.

I will probably shop at Taylor's a bit less, but that family practically mints money with that place, and any time I want a bottle of wine for dinner I will hit up Taylor's. The Whole Food's selection is not to my taste at all.

Jerry Day is this Sunday! There is a lot of other stuff going on this weekend so I haven't been thinking about that but it's pretty monumental! Can't wait! Scott brought me a new Bertha tanker from Deadnet for my birthday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

thank jah

Thank god my pesky 30s are over. All that annoying youth and vitality! How did I stand it?  The Archbishop took some video of the Bright Ideas. Top notch! Look for a guest appearance of me at the end with a beer attached to me like an appendage. Oh wait, ha ha ha it's mineral water! I was wondering what the hell bottle of beer I could have been drinking.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last day of my 30s! Smiller was joking that I'd wake up to a moving van. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, partially because I have been thinking of myself as 40. JBB said that didn't work for him but it seemed to for me. I am really lucky to be 40 and wake every day with no aches and pains whatsoever and healthy. I am really grateful for that, knock on wood.

It's funny, a couple of people who I told I'm turning 40 have said "congratulations!" Like, for not being dead?

One worry of mine, which is trivial in the grand scheme is that I have some young person interests and I know inevitably I will be too old for them, but then again, my interests have always just shaped over time naturally and it's dumb to worry about stuff like that. I will probably just go to more plays, less clubs. Nothing about DJing or going out or seeing bands and shows makes me feel unwelcome cuz I'm wayyyy older than the other people. At least with seeing bands there are a few people who will probably always go to shows that are older than me, but with rap I am definitely the oldest person at heckarap.

One of the more annoying things about getting old for me is kind of melding together different eras and thinking something is "recent" when it was like 12 years ago. I think that's an aging thing I will probably get used to. It didn't start happening until less than two years ago. It's like 2000 was such a big change that in my mind it will never be that long ago even though it's been 14 years.

As for writing, I'm about 85% over it, but I am excited about the Bee for now. I have a pretty big cocktail piece coming out in the SNR too.  But I'm over the grind and way more stoked on just repeat visits to places I love. Like Whitey's for  my birthday! The Whitey's special and peach shake were like the best I've ever had there. I went with my old lab and it was fun to see this young lady who had just arrived from Italy raving about how delicious  her burger was.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


So TBD fest. What are your thoughts? Please be kind, brother, because Clay is a friend and I know he is taking an enormous risk. If you follow music in Sac you know he's been putting on concerts for charity for a zillion years and he is doing this because he wants to do something for Sac not to line his pockets.  My thoughts are that I definitely want to see Danny Brown and will likely buy a ticket for just that day and hope that Kurt Vile is that day as well. Besides him, the local peeps, The Pizza Underground (just because of the celebrity angle) and La Sera (who I think are really bland) I haven't heard of anyone. These all seem like young person bands to me, which is not bad and is probably the demographic, but I can't be expected to follow bands with names like ghost beach and beach house. As far as locals, stoked about tiaras and male gaze, and Century Got Bars was also added.

Also: not a festival person. I was tired of Burger Bugaloo by the time it was done and couldn't get drunk because the drinks were so expensive. All the food trucks ran out of food and there were no ins and outs so I was trapped. TBD will have ins and outs.  Local chefs will be preparing food, including Tuohy and Thiemann.

Long story short: will most likely buy one day but they are not offering those for a while. Excited to check it out. Rooting for Clay and his partners.

Monday, July 21, 2014

yay 40! or yay. 40.

In case you are not on social media, I am having a 40th birthday blowout at Witch Room on Friday. Entertainment by Ray Molina, The Beach Boys, Swiftumz, and The Bright Ideas! Some good brew and food. It's a BBQ potluck, and although hot dogs are great, there will already be a bunch so other meat or especially side dishes would be awesome. Chips are good but keep in mind there are usually like ten bags. I understand how it is as far as side dishes because they are more work and lately I have just been bringing hamburgers.

See you there!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

memories light the corners of my mind

Big doings in these parts. For one thing, as DB usually will remind me annually, the anniversary of Heckasac is coming up. Not just any anniversary the TENTH anniversary. Please bring me an appropriate gift made of tin or aluminum. It's on July 20th.
I hate to look up old heckasacs but here are a few things of note:
MH was the first commenter. My second post was filled with arena h8ting and Graswich-baiting. My fourth was a description of my "dirty 30" party in which I djed dirty rap and drank faux-sizzurp (the more things change the more they stay the same I guess).
Ten years ago I predicted the rise of beards and tie dye (I am just paging through the first few posts still) .  Let's just say I have forgotten most of what I wrote and I cringe every few seconds while reading it. Here's an interview of Charles!
omg this is kind of a goldmine! I rated olipom including a mention of Olivia:
The owner is very nice and was wearing a flamboyant orange dress that appeared to have had a previous life as a shower curtain. All this, and a pomeranian with a broken leg that gave me a half-hearted tail wag but no real love.
Handicapped Dog-C
oh man, there is some really racy stuff. I have to stop now!
My highest year of posting by far was 2005, in which I wrote 837 posts. I believe that's the year smiller and I started dating, pretty much the happiest year of my life. I posted 123 times in October of that year!!!
I know I have posted this picture before, but it remains one of the funniest things I have ever seen:
In this one you can see the tree better:
review of the 2005 Halloween show, including a note that I drank a diet Sparks
The Mac ripped it up, the girl who sang for Heart (Amber!!!) took everyone by surprise, Heckamax was definitely the MVP for the night and somehow managed to expertly channel both Robert Plant and Sting, I was quite attracted to Heather dressed as Phil Lynott especially because of the package (sorry Mike you know she looked hot), some members of Oasis got a little too in character and took the piss out of everyone (did I just use that slang right?). Favorite moments and acts, everyone? Let's get this thing started out right today, it's gonna be a loooooong week.
oh man, DB and I used to write dueling movie reviews (I forgot that!) and he has always been a super funny writer. This is when we were still roommates. hahaha "every scene looks like a Gatorade commercial"
NH-this answers the question of how I got two copies of R. Kelly's TP3 Reloaded- I got both for my 31st birthday!
I print a bunch of Roadhouse quotes and joke about having a baby and naming it Roadhouse 2 - a name I probably suggested at a recent baby shower.
Bought a cell phone in summer 2005.
Anyway, I could go on. The things that are surprising me is how little and how much I seem to have changed and that I have  known some of my friends longer than I thought.


Friday, July 11, 2014


Heckarap was really fun but we made about half as much money as last time which means it was probably half as busy. Go figure! I really don't know why it varies so much but now I have fun anyway. I try to just think more about playing a song that I think will sound good right at that moment. I mean, I read the crowd, too, but if I'm like "never be a g would sound sick right there but no one knows it" I will play it anyway. By the way, how fucking sick is this song AND it's a return from Project Pat. Unfortunately the video came posthumously to Doe B's death. Sucks. Why isn't this a huge hit?
The Verge grand opening party is Saturday at 7pm and you will get ANOTHER chance to catch the Heckarap team. More exciting Century Got Bars and Yarrow Slaps will be performing. There will be a bar and food trucks. The tickets are seven bucks.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

burger boogaloo pictures!

Here are some awesome pictures of the Burger Boogalo! The one at the very top shows you why Steve McDonald (from Red Kross but pictured in Off!) is the best guy. It's funny that Red Kross stumbled upon a google-able name wayyyy before anyone had invented google. So funny.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

don't get me started

Soo....Earl Sweatshirt cancels his career due to emotional and physical exhaustion? I always think that means drugs because how hard could working one hour a day be? I know, I know touring can totally suck, but it can also be completely fun and at his level people are taking care of a lot of shit. It's not like he's driving, crashing on floors, or loading in and out, waiting around to get paid, yadda yadda. Not that I really care, although I would go see him if he was in Sac. I just thought he was cooler than that. Don't even get me started on Death Grips!

Monday, July 07, 2014


Burger Bugaloo on Saturday was super fun. It's so amazing what those SoCal Burger guys have created just through a love of music. They've created an entire scene and for some a way of life. My quibble was that the beer and booze was too expensive but I guess it led to me being sober to drive us home and also there not being a lot of drunk obnoxious people stumbling around. The bathroom line looked to be at least 30 minutes so we just kept trading off the Bananas all access pass to use the performer bathrooms. Here are some pics after the jump!