Thursday, August 28, 2008

So I know that a picture of a dumb tattoo is not exactly a revelatory blog post, but this one is making me LOL. I love the roll call of importance. While googling "stupid tattoos" I also found one of the Tom of Finland image of the guy humping the globe, which is not a stupid tattoo at all! There's also ones of Eames furniture, which is OK.

Also, did you know that Freeblood had a video?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

press conference

Like many others I missed Touchez last night because I got stuck in an unmoving line outside Harlow's and they played on time. I guess it's my bad for assuming they would play late, but that's gotta be the first time that's ever happened to me. Harlow's was a waaaaayyyyyy better venue for !!! than the late, not lamented Library and the crowd was stoked.

You've probably heard, but I'm very curious about this gathering of local chefs and press conference to show support for Corti Bros. I'm not sure why this is needed. It makes me worry it's because they haven't found a location. It happens today at three.

Monday, August 25, 2008


OK, there's an amazing event tonight that kinda came together at the last minute. Tonight at the Press my favorite DJ, Mike C. has put together a night in which Tyler and Mario from !!! are dj'ing and Touchez is playing. Don't miss this! Tomorrow, !!! and Touchez are playing at Harlow's. If you are the type who has myspace, and you have friends who might be in to dancing at the Press, send out an alert or whatever those things are called.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

where is dave smith?

Holy crap, this picture is fucking huge. It's on the message board post of a dude named Ashwar that is on the motorcycle ride with Dave Smith. Dave posted on his blog today, Liv's blog reminded me to check it. I have tomorrow off. So this is all you got.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

la noche espanola

Thumbs up on Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I just checked imdb and confirmed that it was my favorite Woody Allen movie since Sweet and Lowdown in 1999 (wow, was I really working at the Tower that long ago?) Holy shit, it might just be my favorite since Crimes and Misdemeanors, although I can't remember Husbands and Wives. But Juliette Lewis is in it, how good could it be? It's a sure-footed trifle, not a masterpiece.

The tapas and constant wine drinking spurred us to Spanish food after the movie. In times past I would have gone to Aioli, but you just can't count on Aioli for a fun meal. They have two servers I hate getting, and at least one of them is there at all times. So we opted for Tapa The World and had a surprisingly pleasant meal. I had never noticed that Tapa serves three different types of dry sherry by the glass for 4 bucks! Nobody else does that and I have been really into sherry lately so I was stoked. We got a fino and an amontillado with a plate of spanish meats and cheeses and olives. Delicious and the wine went so well, especially the fino, which was light, cold, and salty. The amontillado was dark, served a bit warmer, and very lightly sweet and nutty. We also had the tortilla espanola, the boquerones, and the lamb croquetas with a couple of glasses of red wine that were fairly light for Spanish wines. The server nicely helped us pick them, unlike at Aioli, where they are often out of their listed wines and try to quickly steer you towards something that is completely different all the while assuring you it is the same. The croquetas were the only misfire, mostly because I didn't realize that they were deep-fried and served with mayo, which made them seem like TGI Fridays fare.

Monday, August 18, 2008

H.P.O. on sale

I am still blogging at both locations to try to generate some traffic for MM, so if you wanna see pictures of my lunch on sunday (exciting) go over there. Speaking of pictures, baby Rina on Bananas myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big news is that H.P.O. is on sale for $9.99 at Corti Bros. If you have not tasted this sweet nectar of the Gods, it is now cheap enough to serve as a water substitute. EC, don't worry, I picked you up a bottle. I assume he's doing this cuz this wine is not meant to age, and it's 2004 vintage. I pray that this isn't the last vintage ever, especially if it's true you can't age it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Morant's mania

I'm posting because I'm tired of seeing that post at the top. There's a No Bunny show at the Fun Garden on sunday. I'm going to Morant's today to load up on sausage and maybe that kraut he makes with the pork in it. Stoked!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

inbred hipster coverage

The Midtown Monthly meeting had a looooowww turnout (c'mon peeps, they give out free cans of Modelo Especial) but it got me stoked on the mag. We have so much good content coming out and at least 65% more coverage of inbred hipster bands. I'm gonna try to do a street fashion thing, and some of it will be posted on the website, which for real is getting some content. Here's an example.

I made a really good pizza last night from summer produce. The dough recipe is here, it turned out well. I cooked it on really high heat on the stone on the lowest rack. The toppings were tomatoes, red onion, summer squash and zucchini sliced paper thin, gypsy peppers (I love those things), salami, fresh soft mozzarella and a little grated parm.
The finishing touch when it came out was fresh chopped basil. That put it over the top.
Then, some puzzling. I would rate this puzzle a 7 on challenge level. It pulled the trick of side parts that aren't pictured on the box and colors not really matching.
I made dinner the other night for vegetarian friends and I grilled peaches. I had chalked grilled fruit up as a dumb culinary trend but it's like pie without the fat! I drizzled balsamic on the top. Fried green tomatoes are also seriously worth the minor effort it takes to make them. Make sure your oil is hot and you use enough of it. Also, more fresh black-eyed peas which I think I am finally sick of. I love that about seasonal produce, when it first comes in I get sad thinking about how it's fleeting, but then I gorge myself and get sick of it. Like I'm already totally over corn!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What? I can read.

If anyone is wondering what I think is funny, it's this. Dream show? The pizzas and personal and the pizzas at the fungarden!

Is it just me, or is the fungarden myspace not very useful at all? There's a show there tonight, including a John Dwyer band called The Drums. Sounds like, uh drums.

Monday, August 11, 2008

various miscellaneous

First things first, Chloe Sevigney came into Bows and Arrows this weekend. Anyone have details? Did she buy anything? What the hell was she doing in Sac?

Oh wait, first things first should be that baby Rina was born and will be coming home today!

The Japanese Bazaar was so crowded around sunday at 2 that I didn't get to have any of the food that I planned. Well, I could have gotten udon but I was too hot. The best thing I had was a chicken, ginger, cabbage, crispy bits salad that was delicious. And korokke with tonkatsu. And beer. It was fun people watching but next year I am going to time it so as not to go at peak times. It seems fun to go in the evening. Did anyone go later and was it less crowded?

I had a sandwich at Uptown last week that I was really stoked on. I love Uptown. They are so friendly. The sandwich was grilled American cheese, bacon, and turkey. Not exactly healthy. They roast their own turkeys, remember, which is very important to me.

Speaking of Del Paso Heights, I entered the News and Review building for the first time on saturday (for Jane Hemmerling's art reception, you should check her paintings out sometime this month. They're beautiful.) and the News and Reviewers must be bummin' on leaving that prime location.

Speaking of second saturday it is genuinely off the chain. Second saturday seems to mean flesh on display to lots of women, and I even saw a trio of bros with thinly concealed beers and a pitbull who were sitting and hooting at women as they walked by. Charming. The mayor was chilling on a corner and I told her that I was stoked she was concerned with the Corti Bros situation (I know, here anonymous commenter, I'll save you time, "you people all make me laugh, he is a bad businessman and you just can't admit it"). There were Hari Krishnas. I watched the end of the Art Lessing set, which made me feel more stoned than I have ever felt when I was not stoned at all. Smiller saw a Dead jam band that featured a dude live airbrushing a picture of Jerry with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Speaking of flesh on display, do jean cutoffs look great on dudes or what? Last night 3/4ths of the English Singles were wearing them and their knees were looking toned and tan. Maxwell sported a pair too and they are really a timeless fashion. I always feel really slobby when I wear them but on men it seems like they are summer camp counselers. I have never seen a show at Javalounge before and it seems like a great venue.

Stuff coming up: The new Capital Stage play the Typographer's Dream only has one week to go, ends August 17th. I hope to find time to go. The state fair is starting already on friday. This summer is flying by.

Friday, August 08, 2008


no time to post. mayyors show tonight. japanese bazaar this weekend. don't miss it. try the udon!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

basil question

Does anybody know how to keep basil fresh? I tried putting the stems in water in the fridge and it wilted overnight. I tried just sticking it in and it wilted overnight. I'm buying more today and I want to try again. Should it not be in the refrigerator?

There's a nice piece on Cortis in the Bee today, with some ridic comments.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Midtown Monthly kinda got harshed on in our new yelp review. That's a reviewer I really like, I even friended her although I don't know her, so it's flattering she singled me out for praise, but perhaps we should take her criticism to heart? Nobody wants to write about music, it seems, so it's not that easy to branch out. I know I don't want to write about it.

The farmer's market is providing me with mucho inspiration lately. Last night I made a golden tomato gazpacho.
It looks like baby food. I made it from a recipe in Gourmet that I think was kinda weird. It probably would have been better if I winged it. Three big golden tomatoes from Watanabe cost 7 bucks! I also made MORE fresh black-eyed peas, which I simply cannot get enough of. For dessert, a nectaring blackberry cobbler. Also a weird recipe (the dough balls parts were just OK), but the fruit was perfect! The blackberries are insanely sweet right now. It would be fun to organize a picking part. Well, fun if you like scratches and bleeding, and rubbing fruit juice into your scratches.
Tomorrow is the Ganglians/Crocodiles/Pets show at Fungarden.

Monday, August 04, 2008

More Corti

Last week after the Corti thing went down I fired off a letter to Michael Teel. It was pretty snotty, I'll admit. I told him I'd never, ever set foot in one of his stores and closed it "have a nice day!". I was just blowing off steam. He and his business partner, Michael Ashker, both wrote me back, telling me to wait for the whole story to come out, and that they had not been accurately potrayed. Michale Teel said to wait for the Bee story on the weekend. Well, here it is. It didn't change my mind at all, although Corti's offer is surprising. I think the comments on the story do show that most people who care have been left with a bad taste in their mouth (mouths?). I liked the comment from the Corti's employee because it injected some calm into the thread. I'm glad he's closing in on a new lease, and I'm going to try to get to Corti's as much as possible as I can before he closes.

There's a show tonight, and I think Mike C. is djing? It's at the Press, starts at nine. Agent Ribbons, Art Lessing and the Flower Vato, and Daisy Spot.