Friday, October 25, 2019

Best lunch dish

In an Ouroboros-like loop, I was reading an article on Chuck E. Cheese robots, which made me think about Pizza N Pipes in Sacramento, which made me start googling it, which quickly led me to this post from almost 9 years ago where I was thinking about the same thing. Alas, the "amazing photo" I linked to is no longer available. This was clearly before millenials killed the word "amazing" for me.

Speaking of amazing, check out this amazing (terrible) food photography. I am thinking about getting an iPhone 11 for the better photos, but my 8 is FINALLY paid off, so I am hesitating.

 Anyway, it ain't pretty but this is the saaj chicken shawarma wrap from Tanoor Halal (on Arden). DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS BURRITO-LIKE DISH. It is currently my #1 fave lunch dish. I had to go twice in a week.
It looks exactly like a Jimboy's burrito, no? It has a tangy pickly sauce in there with the meat and it is ADDICTIVE. Is saaj the name of the bread/wrap? The regular shawarma is served on samoon bread, which is also good, but this is the king.

I reviewed this place as one of my later SNR review, but they changed their super cute sign since then, and also eliminated the breakfast item that I raved about.