Friday, August 26, 2011


I didn't post about the Grass Widow/Nacho Biznass/G. Green show because I figured everyone just knew about it from facebook, but then I discovered that a lot of people I know have either gotten off facebook, aren't on it, or have too many events clogging things up, so they actually didn't know.  So yeah, it's tomorrow at Luigis!

My blue Geo only has a few weeks to live and the air finally gave out yesterday.  It's like it knows.  That's the equivalent to the kidneys shutting down in a person.  That' s a depressing thing to think about.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

friendly face

Hey! There's a VonJoo in this video!!

This one's good, too.  Watching Chic-A-Go-Go and a bunch of garage rock videos make me psyched on how everyone in that scene looks like a cartoon character!  In a super good way.


For the September Verge Movie Night we've created this big event that's pretty exciting.  Verge is teaming up with FatFace for a little bit of the south right here in Sacramento.  Jaymes is a southerner herself.  Here are the events.  I know it's not cheap but believe me no one is going to get rich off of this event.  There will be a high quality dinner, including dessert and an in-movie snack, beverages included, and a full program of short films about southern foodways that I selected.  Follow that link for information and to buy tickets.  I'll be bartending! I'm stoked.  It's gonna be fun.  The dinner will be in the gallery and I think it's going to look charming.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This may be the first thing I've posted that I saw on facebook, so consider it just for smiller.  Charles reviewed in Vice!


After some really sketchy business I am now the proud owner of a '96 Geo Prizm with the word "puto" scratched into the side!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fuck you, Gavin Steele

this series of yelps is cracking me up

good setup

I love this song! When are we gonna get the Mantles all up in my Sac?  That reminds me of some jokes that were being told around the extremely stony campfire this weekend.  How do you get a girl in Sac to suck your dick?  I don't remember the original punchline, but I made up a couple, one of which made no sense.  Something about asking her "do you wanna look at my Old Sac?"  What was the original punchline?  Does anyone remember?

The other one I came up with was:
put an Ed Hardy condom on it
or how about "tell her it's John McCrea's dick?" that one doesn't' really make sense, either

here's an excellent article about travel in Mexico.  It's not so scary after all!

Monday, August 22, 2011

throwback header

That heading was jarring, even to me, so I changed back to the old school one. Happy Monday.

I know you love those videos of the MidMo cover shoots, so here's another one.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?

The screening last night was really fun.  Luckily smiller was there to dish out the Sac Treats or we would've been screwed.  The demand came hot and heavy.  The best thing about the screening is that the three ladies above came all the way from Locke because Mudhoney was filmed in Locke! Once you know that you're like, duh, of course it is.  And the ladies said that we should do a screening there and that there's a space for it!! We gotta hook that up.  Quite a few other movies were filmed there, including this upcoming one with Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart in it.

Hold up, this is what Bon Iver sounds like?  I've got some video going in another window.  This is what people are so excited about?  It's so easy listening. It sounds like Peter Gabriel or something.  Kids these days.

After the screening, I rolled over to the Pre-Flite Lounge which I guess is sometimes open until 11?  We forced the poor bartender to stay open even later than that.  I made the decision to go with a tumbler of Jameson as my drink.  Not a good idea.  I have a touch of the shamies this morning.  I grabbed a yellow hat at the Verge jumble sale and was wearing it in a wacky way.  Oh well.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rooney rant!

I like the picture because I can't tell what thing is.  An antique speculum?

I remembered what I wanted to rant about.  Balsamic vinegar.  Chefs need to stop making it their go-to thing.  We all know why people love it - it's super sweet.  And yes, in the right setting, I like it, too.  But there are other vinegars in the world.  Many others.  Sherry vinegar, champagne vinegar, apple cider vinegar.  And all of those are not sweet at all!  Most dishes need to be less sweet, not more.  This rant was occasioned because I saw a review of the Garlic Shack in Submerge and they had a putrid-sounding dish of greenbeans that came with a garlic, balsamic, wasabi aioli.  Also, waffles with garlic in them served with syrup.


First things first, Mudhoney tonight at 7:30.  We are not showing a short porno due to various circumstances. We don't want all you pervs whipping out your whangs at the screening.  I don't get paid enough to mop up  your jizz.  But it's on, Sac Treats will be served.  Come around 7 and buy a Sac Treat and a Morant's dog.  

 I have a Brew Awareness alert, but due to blogger being annoying with pictures I will not insert the logo above.  However, Pangaea has Upright Pilsener on draft right now!  This is a fresh and classic pils, as you would expect from the second best brewery on the West Coast.  It's five bucks at happy hour.  You could go there after work to frontload for the movie?
 This nacho picture is to tantalize CH.  Their nachos are pretty good, although you should forgo the meat, which was dry.  But the rest is tasty, and it's served in a sizzling hot pan right out of the oven
 This whole series of pictures is from a badass yoga book that LM and OMF gave me for my birthday.  It's from 1959.  This is the dude cleaning his nasal passages with a cloth.

 This one's my favorite.  What a scamp!
I've done this in class.  Lion's breath.  It feels really good.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

how many wieners?

Oy.  Vey.

Best Summer Ever Band tonight at the Press Club.  It's the Leap In The Dark night there, hosted by Mike C.  I hear BSEB are going to play fairly early.

Verge Movie Night on Thursday with the Russ Meyer movie Mudhoney.  Sac Treats and Morant's wieners for sale.  That reminds me, I gotta call Morant's and make sure they are ready for my wiener demands.  Are a lot of you planning on getting them?  I think we're gonna charge three bucks. I don't know how many to buy. I guess spare ones could come in handy this weekend.

Verge Movie Night turns one!
Thursday, August 18th
625 S st.
7:30 pm FREE

The Bee has had some interesting stuff in it lately:

Musings about the closing of Good Eats by BAR.  He doesn't pull any punches - I love it!  A lot of mediocre spots have been closing lately: CPK, Brew It Up.  I guess the lingering economy troubles have been sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Also, BAR reviewed Huong Lan.

And, Victoria Dalkey reviewed Nate Cordero's show, only a few day before it closes (at the end of the week).

Monday, August 15, 2011


I had a pretty busy weekend, how about you? Busy yet I did not accomplish much.  Except fun, I guess that counts.  I hung out at Alley Catz for a while on Friday night.  That place is insane now.  It was chock full o' bros and everyone was getting these four feet tall towers of beer that you sit on your table and tap yourself.  That and kamikazes.  Also, I bought an extremely janky car this weekend.  '96 Geo!
 The tomatoes in my garden are now officially crazy. I had gazpacho for breakfast and will probably have pasta with tomato sauce for dinner.
 Random nail display in a mall in Richmond.
 Thursday I went to see the thing at the Nelson on Nate's show.  Tim Foster gave a great talk.  I'm looking at Nate's work in a new light after that.
 Breakfast at DeVere's.  Their breakfast potatoes are so good.  I think it's because they're practically deep-fried.
 I got the raw milk ice cream sundae from Ginger Elizabeth and I thought this one was just ok.  The caramelized pie crust was basically candy, which made it a bit too sweet.  The plum compote was also overly sugary and tasted more like jam than compote.  However, I'm glad I tried it and smiller got a macaron that literally gave him goosebumps.  And he doesn't even like sweets!
 Something he always likes, however, is brew and did you know 58 Degrees has totally stepped up their beer selection?  They are now the closest place to my house to get a good brew.

 You can tell from the MidMo article on the DAM Haus that it's difficult to get a really good photo in there, but I tried.
 You can kinda see how hot it was in there.  Charles was great!  This is Wounded Lion.
 I tried to capture the beauty of the tent over the Buddhist Bazaar but didn't really.  Did you know it's the 65th one?  I vote it to be the cutest local event.
 Spicy tuna roll, pretty good.

 Udon, good as always.
Phew! TGIM.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I wish I was eating a Morant's weiner right now

Check this cool poster that Matt K. designed for our film screening next week!NM wrote it up in the SNR and included a great graphic, too.  Liv, OMF and I went to the Yerba Buena in SF yesterday and watched some amazing short films that are part of the Smut Capital of America film series they are having there this month.  It gave us good ideas for our series and I'm happy we're echoing the sentiment with our own smut.  You Bay Area dwellers reading this should check out the rest of their calendar.  Here are the deets on ours, just to remind you:

Verge film series one year anniversary presents:
Russ Meyer's Mudhoney preceded by naughty 35 mm short.
Thursday, August 18th 7:30 pm
ADMISSION FREE! Sacramento treats and Morant's wieners for sale

Also, tonight at the Nelson Gallery is a series of discussions about Nate Cordero's show.  The mingling starts at 5, discussion between Renny and Nate at 6.  At 645, Chris Daubert (who helped install the show) takes a crack at it and at 7:15 Tim Foster will pontificate.

Saturday, more Davis shit: Charles Albright band at the DAM Haus with that goodtime party band Wounded Lion.  It's the second to last show at the DAM Haus, sad.  Also Saturday night, DJ Hailey's dance night at Fox and Goose.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This DAM Haus

The Ganglians show, at least from the front was....weird.  Luigi's is a low-energy room anyways, but from what I could gather, there were many of the Ganglians' family members in the audience, which is great, but if your family are all going to look super sullen and stand like statues, it might be better if they weren't all up front.  Maybe it's cuz the Ganglians took the stage so late, there were so many bored looking little kids there.  Maybe they were all in college and I'm so old I can't tell anyone's age anymore.  That's possible. I really hope no one sees this and gets pissed off, I'm not dissing their family.  Somebody's mom was there and she was psyched and super cute.  Anyway, that vibe seemed to suck a lot of energy away.  But they sounded good and I like the album.

Did you know that there's a panel discussion at the Nelson Gallery about the Nate Cordero show on Friday that Tim Foster is participating in?  You should come to Davis, have a brew at the Davis Beer Shoppe, and saunter over to the Nelson.

Also, Charles Albright, fresh from his triumphant set at SUMMR BUMMR is playing the DAM Haus on Saturday.  I would say that it feels like all good things are coming from Davis right now, except King Tuff didn't happen.  Again, sad.  Did you guys read the DAM Haus article in MidMo?  It's great. The picture online is different than the one in the mag.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

bullshit-ass bullshit

Whelp, King Tuff canceled.  Bullshit.  Have fun at the Ganglians show, I will be crying in a corner.

I pulled the trigger on the Mexico ticket!  I have 90 minutes to connect in Guadalajara and 1 hour 15 minutes in Mexico City.  We'll see.  Vaya con dios, me-o.

travel question

all right, seasoned travelers out there, answer this question: would you book a flight with a half hour connection time? obviously I'm doing it because it's cheap.  the connection on the way out is in houston and on the way back it's in l.a.

and on the other hand, do you think 90 minutes is enough time to make a connection in the guadalajara airport? I've been there and I'm not confident about that.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


King Tuff Wednesday in Davis with Audacity

Took a field trip from Davis to Sac for Fat Face today
Bows' patio was looking lovely

The BLP (bacon, peaches, and feta) was highly appealing.
And I jumped on the Sac trend and brought a tshirt from the Prescription show, which looked great!  Good job Trisha!

Monday, August 08, 2011

nice one

oh shit, Fat Face in the Bee!  Nice mention

new MidMo

The new MidMo is out! I haven't seen a copy just yet.  There's a cool new feature (not updated since the last issue) where you can flip through the entire issue, page by page.  I like that.  Bill Burg has a thoughtful piece on the website, or is it in the mag, too? I'm not sure.  Thanks to Sarah B., our lovely cover star.

Happy Jerry Day (belated) !

First things first, did you guys know the Chili Peppers played at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur recently?  Sadly, I found out about it after the fact.

KING TUFF WEDNESDAY FUCK YESSSSSS!!!Yeah, yeah, it's in Davis not Sac, but still, show of the year.  The Bike Collective is a cool place to see a show.

According to the poll you guys want to see more rants?  I guess I can oblige.  Can we talk about those gross shoes with toes?  They are a big trend in Davis.  Not really a full-blown rant.

I didn't take many digitial photos while I was gone.  I have a film camera now so I've been taking those.  
 I was in Stinson Beach for a week living the Ultimate Lifestyle (TM).  The Northern Cali Coastal Lifestyle.  And of course the Grateful Dead is a big part of that.    We finally watched this Sunshine Daydream bootleg DVD that I procured through dubious channels.  A show from '72 at a dairy farm that was somehow related to Ken Kesey.
 There's lots of people getting naked, which is cool except in the case of this emaciated Jesus guy who was waggling his weiner right behind the stage with a pained expression on his face.  Yucko.  Jerry was unperturbed.
 Weir didn't seem to notice either.  Weir lives in Mill Valley now and I was praying for a sighting, but it didn't happen.  We even went to a rad beer bar where he's known to hang out, but no luck.
 Jerry's hand was prominently featured in this movie and it really looks like a claw.
 Here's Jerry in the zone, trying to ignore the dude.
 There were stony visuals in the movie as well, like this manatee with lipstick on.  How stoned was I?  The 30 minute version of Darkstar was not boring, I'll just say that.
 Then, on our way home from Stinson we swung by Jerry Day in SF.  I'm sure you knew it was Jerry day, right?  I was a little disappointed by how few Grateful Dead covers were played.
 This dude - not disappointed.
Also not disappointed.  In fact, he chilled there by himself after we left!