Friday, May 01, 2015

Sun and Meh

I am not sure how I feel about Sun and Soil, but I've been there three times lately. This last time I got the "dirty chai" and it was gross and did indeed taste like dirt. For nine bucks! I don't really think the drinks are great but I keep ending up there when I want to meet a friend and don't want to go for alcohol or coffee. Or yesterday because it was a good length of walk and I wanted something a little sweet. I always end up going for the smoothies because getting a juice for nine bucks doesn't seem worth it. Now that I'm writing this up I should probably stop going there. I usually end up drinking the smoothie really fast and not paying attention to it because I'm yapping about something.

I'm bummed about the changes coming up at The Bee. I'm bummed that papers are on their way out. Chalk it up as another thing the internet has ruined. Who is going to report on local news? Certainly not TV. We have the SNR, but that never seems totally solid either as far as revenue. We need an established local paper and we need an alternative newsweekly. They both serve their roles and our local society can't really function without them