Monday, February 26, 2007

various miscellaneous etc.s

The Ski Instructors show was so much fun! And the ohsees were rad but perhaps played a wee bit too long for such a late show. Does anyone have pictures? I forgot to bring my camera.

I checked out the Cheesesteak Grille in the farflung reaches of Roseville this weekend. Cheesesteaks are the new hamburgers as far as I'm concerned, and you can quote me on that. This place gets its rolls flown in from Philly and they give you the option of having cheese whiz on your sandwich, which I guess is the authentic way to go. It was delicious. The meat was a wee bit better than Grand Central Station but the New York sauce and fresh horseradish at GCS put that sandwich over the top for me. We also then went by the Quarry Pond shopping center in Granite Bay. Most of the shops aren't open yet, but we did go by Regionale Produce, which is a very impressive store opened by a woman (named Andru) that I used to work with at the co-op. The produce variety is cool, and it's presented beautifully. It's affordable and I loaded up a bag of stuff, everything from fennel to apples to eggs. I was not as impressed with Wine Styles, which had a fancy catacomb-like decorating scheme (a few skulls here and there and some tonsures would have completed the effect) but had a small variety of wine in such a big space. You can taste wine there, but they didn't have much open that I wanted to taste. There's going to be a cheese shop and a meat and fish shop, and there's a pizza place called Pizza Antica that's already open. Pizza Antica is a small chain. It's disappointing that among the mostly independent businesses (Dara Denim and Shoefly have shops there, too) that the coffee shop is a Peet's. I love Peet's coffee, don't get me wrong, but it seems like a good opportunity for an indie place to make it. The vibe of this shopping center is very yuppie, of course, but it was still refreshing to go to a planned out project that had some interesting shops. If Granite Bay can do it, why not Sac?

Speaking of yuppies, I also went to David Berkeley for sandwiches this weekend. They were really good. One of them had stuffing on it! I had never noticed before the DB really isn't a full-service market compared to Cortis or Taylors, however, the meat and seafood in their case looks great. There were some veal chops and some lamb that I had my eye on, and I want to go back soon. The wine selection was pretty Cali-centric but more affordable than I expected.

There are a lot of new thrift stores opening in the burbs. We passed a Goodwill on Douglas that didn't used to be there, and there is a giant Salvation Army by the freeway on the way to Roseville and I saw another Goodwill on Fulton near the mall, which means there are two really close by in that area. Anyone had any good scores at any of those? The thrifting in Woodland was soooo dudly the other day. I don't think I'm going to thrift there any more.

Friday, February 23, 2007

natalie makes the news

Here's a pretty rad article about our own Ms. Head. Too bad Graswich couldn't write it.

new reviews

The spring Japanese food festival at the church on Riverside is March 11th. I was writing this to remind myself to go cuz I thought it was this sunday but funnily enough I will actually miss it cuz I'll be in Japan eating myself sick. The udon can't be beat but don't be a sucker waiting in line for 40 minutes for tempura!

Banzai Sushi review. I want to check this place out. KW reviewed Biba this week, she calls that task "intimidating" and I would feel the same way. The text gives the feel of a three or three and a half star review to me, although she gave it four.

olives galore

Instead of going to Famous Kabob, I got takeout from Maalouf's last night and my God it was good. We ordered the kofta kabob dinner (the kofta itself was flavorful but very dry) and it came on a bed of the most delicious rice and grilled peppers and onions and tomatoes. They put that Lebanese bbq sauce stuff on top! And then we got orders of labneh and hummus and they gave us a big bag of pita from the Orient Bakery down the street (which I haven't been to yet). We also stopped at the Mediterranean Market on our way home and just like when I go to the Red Sea Market I am always blown away by the variety of super cheap spices. I went into the med market in search of merguez, which unfortunately they didn't have (Red Sea usually does). Merguez is one of the most perfect foods the world has ever known and I find the dearth of it in local markets to be confounding. However, the Med Market had like ten giant vats of assorted olives and I got a ridiculously large bag of them for less than three bucks. There are so many flavors involved in this one particular green olive that my brain just shuts down from trying to figure out what I am tasting. I also picked up some coffee with cardamom that I can't wait to try.

Tonight at Fools, Shiny Object is screening a short film program. And then tomorrow at Fool's is the awesome show and record release for the ski instructors. Man, what would we do for entertainment without the fool's foundation?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Might as well face it I'm addicted to bread

Well, I thought the Bananas videos were cool, anyways.

There is an excellent superduper show coming up on saturday, read about it here.

A very exciting development is that Taylor's now has Old Soul bread fresh baked after 4:30. The baguettes are three bucks (a lot!) and on first bite (which of course I took in the store) I was like ho-hum, but then as I ravenously ate more and more, liberally coating my car interior in breadcrumbs, I realized that the miracle of this bread is how crispy the crust is without being tough at all. They also have crazy foccacias with cheese and crap.

Europa Market proved itself again last night. I was able to put out a good spread from stuff I got from their hot deli case, and I made a salad with one of their FIVE KINDS OF FRESH FETA! I got a big block for two bucks.

I have been craving famous kabob lately. Specifically the pita and yogurt. Just thought I'd mention that.

look over there!

Always too busy to post, but look, bananas videos!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I think this is funny and it makes Tim Hardaway's stupid comments less upsetting.


I guess Oto's market is moving but I think that it's just moving a little bit closer to downtown? Does anyone know the details?

That borscht that I made is pretty allright. I only used a pound of chuck and put in extra vegetables. Instead of beef stock I used chicken stock that I made from a rotisserie chicken carcass. I usually buy one of those chickens from somewhere (Sampinos has really good ones) every week or so, and then when I've used all the meat I boil it up with carrots, celery, and onions and make a stock. It's not that much better than commercial stock but thinking of how commercial chicken stock probably gets made makes my blood run cold. I'm having borscht again tonight with goodies like stuffed cabbage rolls and bread from this market in West Sac. Too bad Europa stopped selling Baltika. When I went there a few months ago they had Baltika one through nine and we were planning to buy them all and have a tastings, but the market doesn't sell alcohol anymore.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

more feedback?

Although it doesn't single me out specifically (I will place myself under the category of "unidscerning" reviews) this latest yelp of Midtown Monthly hurts. I appreciate that someone paid enough attention to write a detailed review. Before I ever wrote any food criticism I remember drunkenly begging JD (who was the current reviewer at the time) to write a proper trashing of Tower Cafe, but now I know that I would never have the courage to do anything like that because of the (in my case) small chance that people involved with the restaurant would see it. I get around that quandary by mostly writing up places that I already know that I like, so I'm more of a booster than a critic, really. I'm just thinking out loud, here, but I'm wondering if anyone else has thoughts on Midtown Monthly.

children's brew

I haven't been posting much because I've been so busy at work and when I do get a minute I just want to go look at Go Fug Yourself like everone else. I've been doing a ton of West Sacking and just got the article turned in today.

I went on my first auction trip of the year on saturday and Denios she was good to me. A nice big rug for only twenty bucks and who cares that it smells like dog? The cat is intrigued. Also, you all probably know this but that antique auction under the freeway once a month (second sunday) is totally ruling. It is worth the three bucks to get in just for the fun of looking at all the old stuff.

I'm making borscht tonight and because the recipe calls for kvass I looked it up and it's some crazy stuff. You have to love a culture with something called "children's beer".

Friday, February 16, 2007

why choose

rock the light show tonight at the distillery! good movie at fools, too. go to both!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

grand central station

So I'll be honest, a lot of the places I write about for Midtown Monthly can be really fun to visit once, but I know I won't probably visit them very often. Especially if they serve really high fat, gut bomb-style food. I won't name any names, but I can't eat a bacon royale very often and maintain my girlish figure. HOWEVER, Grand Central Station in West Sac is haunting my dreams. I feel that I can almost still taste their fiery, vinegary wing sauce. I want to eat nothing but cheese steaks from there from now on. And what the fuck is in their "new york sauce" that makes it more addictive than crank? And I just found out on yelp that there's one in Rancho too.

I am reasonably sure I am going to the Mcormick and Schmick opening tonight, unless I got the date wrong yet again.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

stop making senses

Dragonfly is a place that I wish was just a little bit better. However, it's a great place to get breakfast on the weekends because there is no crowd whatsoever, they serve breakfast until three, and after eleven you can get the regular food or the breakfast. I always order the salmon bento box and leave feeling great and not stuffed like with regular breakfast. While at Dragonfly I finally got my Paws on a copy of Senses. I'll just say it makes no senses, the words "alchemy" and "sensual" get hauled out entirely too many times, and there is very little in it that relates to sac in any way, unless Dubai is our sister city and nobody told me.

The Bananas have a new song up on their myspace.

I guess Vientiane is moving? I will have to go investigate tomorrow when I go eat at Grand Central Station, which was closed when I tried to go by before. I just got an email that their new address is 1001 Jefferson Blvd Ste 600 West Sac. This is going to wreak havoc on my article.

Monday, February 12, 2007

relentless hype machine

what's up sacto is blowing my mind right now. Ariel Pink and Of Montreal are playing at Sac State tonight? Weird. I am stoked that a movie about Hasil Adkins is screening on friday. I forgot all about Bob Log III until right this minute. I saw him play a couple of times back in the day.

awesome video lives up to its name

You probably have netflix, but we all know there are those times when the flix lets you down. such as when it sends you the bonus disc of I'm Alan Partridge(ah ha!)without really alerting you to the fact that it's a bunch of crap like outtakes. What do you do then? I used to go to Tower, where there is no harm in admitting now, I got free video rentals for like two years after I didn't work there anymore. No more Tower, now what? At this point you might think it's time to make the short jaunt to Blockbuster. Imagine I have hooked an electric current to your chair that shocks you every time you think of setting foot into a Blockbuster. Don't do it! I know Awesome is off the grid and kind of a trek but this business rules and it deserves our support!!! Why is it so great?

1) it has VHS tapes, some of which are for movies not yet (or maybe not ever coming to) DVD
2) the staff is super nice
3) their foreign section is still from the days when foreign meant dirty so you will find movies like Le Sex Shop and Therese and Isabelle there on video. If that guy would just return the copy of Emannuelle I will finally get to watch it!
4) They have a private, walled off porn section (you have to walk through a little labyrinth to get to it) in which you can browse with no embarrassement, and then you pick out your normal WHITE DVD case (as opposed to Tower where you had to browse in that open section with everyone you know working there and pick out a giant hot pink box to take up to the counter) and take it up and no one smirks or cares
5) they also have a soft core section with like the red shoe diaries and playboy videos if you're into that crap
6)huge martial arts and anime section
7)obscure 80's comedies that will blow your mind
8)except for the new releases which are a one day rental and kind of a rip-off, the rentals are like two bucks and you can keep them for either 5 or 7 days
9)while you're out there you can frequent other cool businesses like the Capital Nursery or Oto's.
10)do you really need more reasons?

p.s.- i need your help!

-we need to get internet at our house? what's the best and cheapest provider?

Friday, February 09, 2007

the biz busks

Wow, Pooja. Richest sauces ever, but in a bad way. However, there was good stuff, like the tandoori lamb. The raita was tops. I would go back and just get the lamb, some naan, and raita and a King Fisher. We got a sort of dessert naan that had maraschino cherries in it that was very funny. It still had the herbs on the outside but it was bright red with cherries inside.

I'm probably hitting up Grand Central Station deli on West Harbor tomorrow. Recommendations would be welcome. I want to try to fit in Sal's before deadline.

I get to go the opening of the new McCormick and Schmick downtown tomorrow for free grub and booze. If a corporate chain has to have a gimmick I guess the gimmick might as well be super fresh seafood. I am afraid I will get trashed. I hope they have oysters on the half shell.

So some of you may not be aware that for the last two months local music legend J B. "Beaumont" "The Biz" Baker has been busking at the same spot on second saturdays. This saturday he will have selected guests. It's sort of like someone has restarted the Moe Betterman show, but under an awning on 21st street. Does someone have the deets, like time and address?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

it's that time again

the time where I post a Kate Bush video!

meth mansion

This story is sad.

mmmm cleavage

I'd like to point out that the News and Review is getting some pretty mixed yelps while the midtown monthly's feedback is 100% positive! I realize this is because MM only has one review.

Can we all just agree that the news and review should dump their flash fiction issue? And now they have a part 2 for what reason? I can't even make my brain read these things.

KW reviews Zen Sushi and she's into it. I would give it another half star for the abundant helpings of creamy cleavage that are served with every meal but that's just me. I can't believe that I have never had the pleasure of Chef Lou sending out special stuff, but I'm hoping to have that experience soon. I've heard it's not to be missed.

I'm dining at Pooja tonight for my next column. This weekend I hope to hit up Grand Central Station. I feel that my west sac column is missing a Mexican component, so I might go to Sal's. Where would you guys go if you could hit up one Mexican joint in West Sac?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Temple Grandin is for lovers

For the Temple Grandin lovers (and I know a few) the TG herself is speaking for free at Freeborn Hall on Valentine's Day.
I don't have time to post today but I have to link to this article on the Ruland's cow cuz the picture of it skydiving is crazy! Here's an article on the new "wine lounge and urban kitchen" (could they fit more meaningless buzz words into the name of one establishment?-i guess they could if they put luxury in there somewhere). Nevertheless I'm excited to check this place out.

Lastly, our Liberian correspondent has a request:

Heckasac readers:
In your travels around the globe, I need your help in assembling a database of fake/questionable/generally not-quite-Mexican Mexican food products/restaurants/experiences/etc. around the world. I especially want photos of products, and restaurant reviews.
Like, here in Liberia the other day I bought some Lebanese tortillas, with the labels written in Arabic. I'm glad to have them, but they were pretty strange. Kinda grey and paper-ish.
Another example is the "Mexican" restaurant in London where they sell a dish called Squidgy Cheese, which is a big bowl of cheddar served with a spoon.
When i get a good mass of stuff, I want to put up a website.
liberialedger@yahoo dot com

hopefully I'll find something good for this in Tokyo

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

no posts

no posts today. too busy

Friday, February 02, 2007

German Deli?

Jed, please feel free to plug away. Always.

Do you guys know of a German Deli that is on Manzanita or Auburn?

she's a celeriac of love

Speaking of ruling, this salad rules. The co-op and Taylor's have celery root (aka celeriac). You don't need a food processor, just grate it, and you can use less olive oil than they say to, as usual. It is so freaking good. When I was at the co-op two weeks ago I cursed it because it was insanely crowded and they didn't have jalapenos (jalapenos are a staple and there is no excuse for any market bigger than a corner store to not have them). Yesterday I shopped in the bulk bins and there were so many cool exotic ingredients. And everything was so cheap. So I am giving the co-op another try. I have to stop giving half my check to Taylors.

Swords Award and The Pizzas tonight. Knock Knock at Delta of Venus tomorrow, Sic Alps at Fool's Foundation tomorrow. You can probably go to both if you try.


So I didn't go to the Finches show. Drats.

The new Midtown Monthly is out and it seems pretty darn cool EXCEPT for the cover, which makes it look like some kind of weird fitness mag. But the content is really good, the art coverage is extensive in this one.

Speaking of local rags, I perused the News and Review and there was some intriguing stuff, including KW's review of Roxy. I am skeptical because it's owned by the people that own Lucca and it has a western theme(?), but her review makes it sound worthwhile to try it out. Where is it?

Spencer from Hella has some Hella harsh words for Sac. I thought Hella shows here were super crowded? Is that not true? Those words sting, but I'll confess I've never heard or seen Hella. I'm usually spending most of my time on Myspace.

This article on the Finches is supercool, mostly because JG makes a Brian Eno comparison and Carolyn told me that she has been listening to Taking Tiger Mountain almost nonstop!