Friday, February 26, 2010

mess me up

Wow! Pretty awesome picture. No Bunny tonight!@!!!!!)#$%*#$%)$%^ At the Hub, with Pistol Pete and the Poontoons. How cool is it that he is playing with MOM in SF on March 5th at the Parkside? MOM must be so stoked! Show tonight starts at 8:30.'s perfect timing for you to go to Morgans afterwork and try one of the Valley Brewing beers and then head over. The wind and rain should make it extra exciting.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

beer week picks

Man, the Sac Beer Week opening gala was...something else. I won't say too much because I might write something for the SNR, but lets just say there was a lot of yelling of "Whooo!" and "Beer!".

There are a couple of upsetting show changes. The Four Eyes have dropped out of this fridays show. I'm bummed on that. No Bunny is still playing and some local band called Pistol Pete. Is that that basketball player that everybody loved?

Also there was a super annoying reshuffling of the English Singles, Dreamdate show (not until March 12th, but put it on your calendar!) so now it's TBA for the third band.

This Wednesday, there's a noise-ish show, but wait, don't shut down your mind just yet! It's Spencer from Skaters, and if there was ever any noise music I could get into, it's Skaters. It's musical, atmospheric noise. Anyways, now he has a band called Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band with a dude from Eat Skull. If you like stoney shows you should check it out, Wednesday at the Hub. This is what the website says about start time:

As far as the primo beer week events, tonight is the big beer dinner at Mulvaneys. They're doing the $35 dollar for a full-course meal dinner, extra for the beer it's paired with. It's probably full up, but I think they get a lot of last minute no-shows. Facebook is the best place to figure out when Mulvaneys is having the family-style dinners. It's almost impossible to figure out without facebook, sadly. Pangaea is having an Odonata event.

Wednesday, Morgans (that tucked-away bar by the co-op) is having an event with the brewer from Valley Brewing in Stockton. Which is a pretty darn good brewery. Or wait, are they? Smiller said that but on the website it says Boulder beer? This will be a test to see if anyone is reading this.

Heading into Thursday, I have to say that I'm sorry, a hot wings eating contest does not a beer week event make. In fact this calendar is filled with absurb, jump-on-the-bandwagon events. The Shack is having a Sudwerk event that night and, sadly, the brewer is currently in the hospital due to a car accident. The Grange is having an Odonata pairing dinner which has a chance to be really cool.

Tons of stuff on Friday. Rubicon has a bunch of cask ales, if you're into that. Samuel Horne's, all the way out in Folsom, is having a Firestone Walker night, so probably some delicious beers there. Aha! That's the night that Morgan's is hosting the Valley Brewer, not Wednesday.

That's enough. I'll post more later in the week. Are you guys going to any of these events?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Oy, the Halloween show. The memories I have are bittersweet because I spent yesterday in bed, only emerging to cane Bunchy or puke in my trash can. I have to chuckle remembering how I kept drinking Janis' SoCo and then saying "It's so disgusting! It tastes like bubblegum!" and then I would drink more. EC brought me 524 and Pedialyte, though. What more could you ask from a friend?

I only have a few usable pics. I enjoyed Non. I would even have tolerated more than one song.
How awesome were the Carpenters? It genuinely made me sad because I get sad when I think about Karen Carpenter. She really captured that low tone she had.

Psychedelic Huell.
Didn't get many good pictures of Poison, unfortunately. This one captures the savage vibe.Other Raske was rocking this over his shoulder. Show off!
Green Day! The drummer killed it!
Sorry for the harsh flash but I love how this shot has both the Southern Comfort and that noise-making dealy. Janis was smart enough to only pretend to drink that swill.

I really wish I had pics of Mamas and Papas.

Sacramento Beer Week opening event tonight. I really don't feel like drinking any beer! At the Colonial. Ed C. is talking about his brewing book. Ten bucks. Local beers included.

Friday, February 19, 2010

halloween show

Halloween show! Epic! Monumental! Insane! These bands:

The Dead Kennedys
Green Day
the Mammas and Papas
Tupac Shakur
The bangles
the monkees
Big Brother and the holding company
Joan Jett
the zeros
the four eyes

But sadly, not this beautiful lady. I took these high quality photos from the TV, obviously.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The following

I'm reading the Esquire profile of Ebert (which is really good) and it was reminding me of something that made me laugh almost the hardest I've ever laughed the first time I saw it. Siskel seems drunk. And awesome. And he's Jewish!

Jerry's #1 fan

You guys probably all heard that Ray Kerridge is resigning. Smiller emailed me "I'm sure KJ's fiancee will do a great job". He's joking, right?

The first annual Sacramento Beer Week starts next Monday!!!! It kicks off with an event at the Colonial Theater featuring a talk by none other than Mr. Ed C.! He'll be talking about his book City of a Beer: Sacramento's Breweries. It's ten bucks and you get beer, including from Odonata brewery. Details here. There's also a special supplement in this weeks SNR, including a roundtable discussion that I hosted with the Sac hopheads.

Here we have a picture of Ol' Man Foster, tripping ballz, circa 1987. Peep that shirt!
I highly recommend the Ernist Lubitsch film "Trouble in Paradise" starring these two lovely ladies. It's really funny. It seems like maybe the Armeniac would like it? And maybe Barnseyard because of the lack of foundation garments.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Year

This was the scene in front of SF Supermarket on Monday. I should have cruised that area on Sunday to see the full New Year's festivities. I was in Oakland on Saturday and it was also getting pretty crazy. Did anyone go out for dim sum and was it crazy crowded? Or do any other kind of celebrating? I ate one of the Vietnamese banh tet cakes (rice and pork), but I didn't like the powdery consistency of the pork. It's probably a food that's better made at home.
It still smelled really strongly of firecrackers. I love that smell.
Speaking of Oriental Chow (hey, I didn't name the puzzle!) here's Babs new hangout. The puzzle den!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

city council meeting or Lost?

I'm on the SAVE Sacramento mailing list, and they sent me this email about the city council meeting tonight. It was formatted nicely in the email, but not when I copied it. The point is that if you think that the strong mayor issue should be fully considered rather than rushed onto the ballot that you should make your opinion known, either by going to the meeting tonight, or calling or writing your city councilperson. Maybe I'll call Steve Cohn today.

Join us at the next city council meeting After losing in Court twice trying to impose a “Strong Mayor” system on Sacramento city government, Mayor Kevin Johnson is trying another end-run around the process.He's introduced a new, hastily prepared proposal that radically changes the City charter and is demanding the City Council ratify it in time to place it on the June 8th ballot.Tell the Mayor to get down to business and focus on the issues we care about – like fixing the projected $40 million shortfall in the city's budget, NOT continuing to push a measure that makes significant revisions to the City charter with no public debate or community input.Join us at the next city council meeting...February 16, 2010Sacramento City Hall, 915 I StreetMeeting begins 6:00 p.m.Meet outside Council Chambers 5:30 p.m.Parking: Metered parking available around City Hall.City Hall parking lot is between 10th and 11th, off I Street.andCall or email the Mayor & your Councilmember today and tell them how you feel…Mayor Kevin Johnson – 808-5300 Dist. 1 Councilmember, Ray Tretheway: 808-7001 rtretheway@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 2 Councilmember, Sandy Sheedy: 808-7002 ssheedy@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 3 Councilmember, Steve Cohn: 808-7003 scohn@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 4 Councilmember, Rob Fong: 808-7004 rkfong@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 5 Councilmember, Lauren Hammond: 808-7005 lhammond@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 6 Councilmember, Kevin McCarty: 808-7006 KMcCarty@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 7 Councilmember, Robbie Waters: 808-7007 rwaters@cityofsacramento.orgDist. 8 Councilmember, Bonnie Pannell: 808-7008 bpannell@cityofsacramento.orgFor more information call 484-3732 or go to

Friday, February 12, 2010


What is this fucking conspiracy where The White Ribbon is playing everywhere except Sacramento? Do I have to start a letter writing campaign? P.S.-If anyone who works at Tower is reading this, your website says that you have no movies showing today.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bananas do it again

The Bananas tore San Francisco a gaping new one on Tuesday night. They played a sold-out show at the Bottom Of The Hill with Best Coast and Vivian Girls. Cassie from Vivian Girls asked them to play because, as she said on the mic, they are her "second favorite band next to The Wipers".

So there they were, warming up the crowd, but with a hungry fan contingent of their own. Hungry for more Bananas shows! Two brothers had flown in from Las Vegas to see the show, and one of them had a Bananas tattoo. MikeRMike was in rare form-cracking everyone up and performing scissor kick after flawless scissor kick. Even though I have seen the Bananas more than any other band, they can still blow my mind and give me goosebumps.

Best Coast were good, but they frontloaded their set with their best songs and played a little too long. Vivian Girls sounded great. I liked the new material. They sang an acapella doo-wop song and it was fucking adorable.

On a political note, if you are opposed to the mayor's new strong-ish mayor proposal, you should attent the city council meeting next tuesday and make your opinion known.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

infotainment for you

This band is killing me. I love the South African accent so much. I try to not just post by linking to the latest viral video but it's too much.

This one is a little disturbing.

Monday, February 08, 2010

vote the grid

Hey guys-
There's a new, grassroots group called Vote The Grid. They are having their first meeting at Luigis on Wed at 6. Here's their deal. I'm into their deal.

Friend of the Grid,

The Midtown/Downtown Grid is the heart of our city. It is the economic engine that fuels our region. It is the cosmopolitan core that gives our city an identity. It is also the home to tens of thousands of our city’s citizens. From bookstores and galleries, parks and the river, to restaurants and nightlife, the Grid has it all. The businesses, the organizations and the people of the Grid make Sacramento the vibrant, world-class city that it is.

Despite the critical role we play in the city, the interests of the residents of the Grid are ignored at City Hall. On numerous issues, the interests of the outlying areas take precedent over residents of the Grid in making decisions for our neighborhood. Two critical examples:

Development -- Massive, upscale residential developments are consistently favored over affordable middle and working class projects that would be affordable options for those of us who live in the area.

Homelessness – Time and again, decisions are made to ensure that whatever the city chooses to do for our homeless population, it does not happen in “My Backyard”. While most of us on the Grid do not have backyards, NIMBY attitudes too often mean that, instead of employing rational, effective, cost efficient solutions, the homeless end up on our doorsteps.

It is time for a change in the power dynamic in our city. It is time for our community’s interests to be taken seriously at City Hall. Vote the Grid is being created to empower our community. To register, inform and engage voters from all walks of life, all across the Grid. It will use the best of the Grid, music, art and people, to excite and motivate voters and build a more engaged, involved community.

Please join us to discuss the needs of our community and how the organization can fill those needs. We will be meeting on Wednesday, February 10th, 6 pm at the Fungarden (1050 20th St). RSVP requested to


Devin Lavelle

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sacramento Bucket List?

Adam Gopnik wrote a touching piece about J.D. Salinger's writing in the New Yorker.

I had a post request from CH. She's lived in the Sacramento area for what? Six years now? Anyway, she and DP are moving in about 7 months. She wants to know everybody's Sac bucket list so that she can be sure to do all the things you should do while you live here before she goes. For instance, she has not yet been to the river access at 28th and C. The jank Riviera. These should be fun things, not just things that scream "Sac". Such as 2 dollar pint night at the Rubicon.

I bought some rendered goose fat at Taylor's Market. They also have duck fat. MH advised me to use it to cook napa cabbage, and it's always good to take her advice on culinary matters.
I just lightly sauteed the cabbage in the goose fat with s. and p. (as Wooster would say). It was delicious. That of course, is a Morants sausage.
There has been a hue and cry for more Babs pictures so I will oblige. Who doesn't love a cat in a bag?
She plays this new funny game that we call "cage rage". She gets under this stool and gets wild. Sometimes she climbs on it like a wrestler using the ropes.
Listen up, vegetarians-I know how you love a grilled cheese because there is precious little else that you can eat. Fatface has one today that will blow your mind. She posts her menu daily. This was a rich tomato cauliflower soup, not sure if it was vegetarian.
Here's the sandwich. Walnuts, aged cheddar and garlic herb butter. Insane.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

sha na na na: punk as fuck

Exciting, nay titillating brew developments! Pangaea now has Brasserie Dupont's organic saison, Foret on draught. Just like a big city! A delicious crisp elixir. Mulvaney's currently has it, too. Try some before it's gone. Oh yeah, I stole this nice picture from
Also, the Davis Co-op has Cuvee de Ranke back in stock. This is one smooth drinking "sour" beer. Some call it Cuvee de Raske.
Random blurry Mantles picture.
Here's some crappily grabbed stills from Festival Express. Lesh building it up and breaking it down.
Here's the pigs busting some heads. All these Canadian kids want is to get into this concert for free, is that so wrong? Nothing will make you feel like a conservative like watching this movie. I was like "this hardworking guy put on these awesome concerts and these dumb young punks think they should get in free?! Fuck them!"
Here's Jerry calming the crowd with mellow vibes.
Caption contest! Submit your captions below.
Here is Sha Na Na blowing everyone's minds. Including mine.
Blowing the pigs minds. They are so fucking punk!
Since everything is on the internet, here is the clip. I say this with the most love possible: they are reminding me of Personal and the Pizzas here.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow Buddies tell-all

I am too busy to post today!

How was the filming of Snow Buddies? Any Christian Bales-style tantrums? Was the original director fired and McG had to be brought in? Were Tarantino or Tom Stoppard brought in to punch up the script? Any on set romances?

Monday, February 01, 2010

take it off

I went to a ladies night gathering on Saturday, so of course we ate pizza and watched an episode of Magnum, P.I. I never liked that show when I was a kid, but I didn't remember why. Now I know. Magnum is a loser and kind of a dick! And he doesn't take his shirt off often enough.

Speaking of taking shirts off: Halloween show. What are the bands?