Monday, August 31, 2009

the hardest part

This was my brunch yesterday. I got a big bag of squash blossoms at the farmer's market for a dollar, and we whipped up some pico de gallo and mixed up a fresh batch of masa, which miraculously turned out to be the perfect consistency. I put tabasco and habanero hot sauce in the Tecate (and a dash of salt) and it was tasty.
I also got 8 pounds of pickling cucumbers for a buck a pound, and me and CH (no, she's not from Dinuba) made some pickles. We were somewhat lassez faire with the recipe, so if they turn out, I will officially know that it's hard to fuck up pickles.
Here's the result. Yes, FFT, I know it's blurry. The hard part of pickling is waiting six weeks.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ancient Sons

Ancient Sons at LUIGIS tonight, not Old Ironsides.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kitten awareness

There is Babs, waiting for the reappearance of her best friend-water. I want to do a public service announcement. Did you know that if you take in a stray kitten, her basic immunizations and spay/neuter will run you in the neighborhood of 400-500 bucks? Guess who did not know that? Me! On the other hand, if you adopt from a shelter, it will probably be more like 40-75 bucks. So, my brilliant plan is to drop Babs off at the pound and pick her up in a month. I haven't told Babs my plan yet. J.K. of course. I say that because DP will take it seriously.

OK, we all probably know that Opa! Opa! is not the best restaurant around. I have not been there, but the yelps are pretty bad. HOWEVER, the owner has generously offered my community garden 10% of the profits this weekend. And we need the help. We don't even have a shed. Or a pot to piss in. So if you have ever been curious about their food, please check it out on Saturday or Sunday. Or if there is something you like there, please comment about it and let me know.

Don't forget the Ancient Sons show at Old I on Friday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Box Elders!

I got all Southern for dinner last night. I was inspired by some green tomatoes. I got catfish at Taylor's. It's 8 bucks a pound there, and a pound looks huge but catfish really shrinks up. I tried frying in lard for the first time and it works great! It doesn't smoke. It was perfect for the catfish, but the fried green tomatoes were mushy. It's better to coat them in cornmeal than flour, but I didn't have any. Anyways, if you've never made fried green tomatoes you are missing out. The acidic bite mixed with tomato flavor and fried is a dynamite combination.
The show on Saturday night was really fun, despite a somewhat anemic attendance. Dreamdate were so fucking good!!!!!! I didn't get any pictures during the show because I was busy worrying about djing. They got a full sac experience the next day when we went to the river. By the way, I would love to dj any party or event anytime. Weddings, bar mitvahs, bat mitzvahs, mitzvahs of any kind.
The Box Elders played Luigis last night. I don't know how this show came about, but it was not even on undietacos, so no one knew about it. Scott and I were literally the only two people who came to see them. And you know the kicker? They were sensational. Goosebump-inducing. So I'm so glad I went. Luckily, the show was over by 10:15. Their new album is good, but not as good as they are live.
Do you know about the Ganglians/Crocodiles/ Pens/Graffiti Island show at the Blue Lamp tomorrow? I'll probably go to the Press Club accidentally. I even wrote Press Club at first. These two venues have fused into one in my mind.

Friday, August 21, 2009

funny fake review

This may not amuse many of you as much as it amuses me, but I've been revisiting Aioli's reviews on The deal is that there are a ton of unfavorable ones, mostly for bad service. Such things as peremptorily telling a table that they have to move because another party needs the table. Or telling a new customer what to order and then telling them they didn't order enough food. So the owner started posting lost of fake reviews, which were usually pretty funny. He was also doing this on Here's one of the ones he wrote:

For years I have walked by this place and watched as the activities of the day unfold, chefs bringing in fresh foods on a daily basis, European-style waiters setting up chairs and tables outside the restaurant, and lovers lounging with wine and pretty deserts on the secret patio in the back. Having oddly falling in love with a restaurant that sits in the heart of the activity in downtown Sacramento, but having never eaten there before, I mustered enough courage to approach the restaurant for a first date... but first I had to learn a little more about my new found love. I found their website at www.aiolibodega dot info, and planned out the perfect date with myself. I decided on three seafood "tapas", appetizers from Spain, namely the Berberechos con Azafran (clams in saffron broth), Anchoada de Lentejas con Scallops (scallops pan sauteéd in a garlic beluga lentil anchovie sauce in a garlic), and Pulpo a la Galega (steamed octopus in adobo sauce with potato pureé). I also found a promotion for a complimentary glass of Champaign, which was nice. I timidly approached Aioli's and opened the door to her warm artistic embrace, which much resembles a museum of contemporary art, with impressive brass work, art, and murals. After a complimentary glass of Champaign, my server, Jiji, recommended a savory white wine from Spain to accompany the tapas. It was exquisite with the food, a true marriage. Afraid that I might lose control of myself and take advantage of her, I left Aioli's sweet embrace, promising to call on her again soon, but not too soon, as Jason let me know that she has a twin sister in Davis. I dare not venture there, because there can only be one true love.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I made a squash blossom soup from a Diana Kennedy recipe, and I wasn't going to post about it, because it was a little boring. However, upon tasting it today I decided that the flavor had improved after a day and also that it would be a dynamite base for a chunky stew. With beef stew meat and potatoes. Or chicken.
You remove the flower petals on a few bunches of squash blossoms (the more the better) and chop them, and cook them with some broth for about 15 minutes. Blend this mixture, trying not to spray the cabinets with hot soup as I did.

Then, roast a couple of tomatoes on broil in the oven, watching out to try to avoid getting burnt patches on the skin.
Blend the tomatoes with half a chopped onion, and then cook the tomato/onion mixture for 5 minutes on high over a couple of tablespoons of lard. She said butter but I used lard. Add that mixture to the squash blossom mixture with a sprig of epazote. So that's the second time this week I've been bummed I don't have any epazote.
In the spirit of the Barnseyard, here are some quotes from Netflix about Gallagher. I've been thinking about my family's love for Gallagher this week. Perhaps a Crest employee would like to comment on what it was like when Gallagher played the Crest? I heard some stories about his brother (who ripped off his act, I think), and how mean he is.

P.S.-don't forget that Dan will be on AM 1530 tomorrow at 4:40. He's hitting the big time.

This is the Dirty Gallagher... not that funny, and I am a fan of his not dirty comedy channel shows. And not one Watermelon Smashing worth a yuk. Pass on this one... a loser...

If your impression of Gallagher is just some weird comedian that smashes up food products and produce, you are sorely mistaken

Then he bring his "estranged" brother Ron out to run the Sledge-o-matic!!!! It gets worse. The next to last show was filmed in 2000, and at one point Gallagher states his age as 54. He berates his nephew (about 4 yrs old) on stage. Then a 10 year old audience memeber gets the same treatment.

Gallagher is back, about time! With great humor comes great responsibility, and the man for the job is the one bashing watermellons into the comedy starved minds of Americans. I am just tired of all these artsy fartsy alternative comedians. You got your Suri Silverman, the David Crosses, the Patton Oswalts, these liberal "look at me, I'll expose hypocracy through humor, nah, nah, nah" make me sick. I want mind numbing comedy, the kind that makes you forget what day it is...that's Gallagher. There's the comments about his wife being too fat to b@ng, to him doing a complete 180 and smashing watermellons. Insane! Why don't we drop tons of these dvds in Iraq, I bet them enemies of ours will be overcome with laughter, enough so they'll forget they're at war with us and we can take them. Yup. Gallagher can be our WMD (Weapon of Mass Destraction).

Pass this up and move on to something with a little more humor. Like Amistad.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bored to the bone

I'm bored!

I finally read the latest Edible Sacramento. Hank Shaw has an informative article about buying fish. Garrett McCord spent a few days working at Karen's bakery and cafe in Folsom and wrote an entertaining article about it. I never go to Folsom and had never heard of this place but some of the savory stuff sounds intriguing.

There are so many sadly hilarious things about this business plan. Good news to us grown and sexy types-the name of the over-30 dance club "frisky rhythms" has been changed to "metamucil manor", no j.k., it's now called "district 30". The developer invented a new word! He's not bringing competition to existing businesses, he's bringing "co-opetition". Glad he clarified that. I want to know how Three Monkeys was able to re-open. More city money?

new camera

This is a picture of my dinner last night. Not too monumental. I made the black beans, sadly without epazote, as La Superior was out of it. I think I'm going to try to grow epazote, it's my favorite new herb. The salsa is the really good stuff from La Esperanza. Anyway, what IS monumental is that I took this picture with my new camera, which I love! Hopefully my photography will improve because this thing takes autofocus to a new level.
This captures Babs when she is wilding out.
Do you remember about the best show of all time happening on Saturday at Luigis? Do you know how good the Dreamdate and Makeout Party records are? Come stocked with funds to buy both.

Here is an email from Charles about his show tomorrow at West Capitol Bowl. Hopefully he won't care that I put it on the internet:

Hello Everyone!

I'm just writing to let you know about an awesome rock and roll show this Thursday August 20th at the 300 hundred room (a.k.a the West Capitol Bowl) in glorious West Sacramento. I, Charles Albright, will be performing a few songs from my hit out-of-print single "I'm on Drugs" as well as a few soon to be released tracks.

To commemorate the show, I will have a special limited edition cd-r for sale with such hits as "I'm on drugs", "Headphones" & "I'm Happy, I'm a Genius". Limited edition. I will also have the last few copies of the original pressing of my solo single (Ha, out-of-print my ass!). Heck, buy one now and e-bay it in a few weeks. Make a fortune!

Now, for the faint of heart, the bands will be loud. My band especially, so please bring your own set of headphones. Or at the very least some ear plugs. We will be playing will two awesome Canadian bands from Canada. These Canadian bands from Canada are Sex Church & the Defektors. I hear they are good. Don't take my word for it. Here is what KDVS' Rick E. has to say about the two Canadian bands from Canada :

"The bands from Canada are Sex Church {} and the Defektors {} ...two of the very best from Vancouver right now. Sex Church are a couple of guys from Ladies Night who had a killer show a couple years back at the Delta of Venus that ended with them getting into a fight. Defektors are one of the "features members of" bands, but they're actually better than all of those other bands. Probably my favorite straight-ahead punk band. Little bit dark like the Wipers, yet a little bit glittery."

Sounds good, huh? For those of you who have to work the next day, yes, The Charles Albright XXXperience will be headlining. So factor that in. We have a short set, but you may out as late as midnight. FYI.

Charles FUCKING Albright

ps. If, for some reason, you can't make this must see show, we will be playing on KDVS Monday night the 24th of August. Just an FYI.
pps. This show is a benefit for Derick Nielsen.

Monday, August 17, 2009

salsa awareness

This is a picture I stole from Amber Kloss' myspace of her costume on Mad Men!!

Can someone please make me a salsa awareness logo, because I have some hot (literally) salsa news. I went to stock up on tamales at La Esperanza (on Franklin near Morants), and got a half pint of the red salsa that many in line are usually buying. Holy guacamole is it good. La Esperanza has a family connection with Los Jarritos, and their red salsa is similar to one they have at Jarritos but better. It had very fresh and flavorful cilantro pieces, and is a pretty red-orangey color. Spicy, too. It's 2.25 for a big carton of it.

Crap, there's too much to do this week already. Tonight Pissed Jeans are playing at Luigis. The Record Club is also having a movie night tonight and playing a Belle and Sebastian movie and a Morrissey movie, so all the twee pussies in town (including me) will be at that. Starts at 8 at the ToHo. Tomorrow The Mayyors are at the Hub, and Thursday is the Charles Albright Extravaganza at West Capitol Bowl.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

RE gets lucky once again

Wow, really Kevin Johnson? In a budget crunch this is how you want to spend your money? Man, if I hadn't talked so much shit I wonder if I could have gotten hired as the special blog advisor with a salary of 100k. I really blew it.

There's a real, Olympia-style show at The Hub tonight. Warm Streams and Party Line (Allison from Bratmobile) and She Beast. Put some barrettes in your hair and stop by!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

coo coo coo coo barabajabal

Fine, do I have to update to get some comments? Well, I've got nothing to say, so how do you like them apples?

All the bands and side projects and performance artists were good last night. The bass player of the Singles is leaving town for awhile, so I don't know when they'll play again, which makes me sad. Mike C. played the Donavan tune "Barabajabal", which is one of my favorites, and he played my favorite Troggs song, too! Speaking of DJing, I get to DJ at that Makeout Party show, which I'm pretty excited about. Do you guys know about the pizza eating contest beforehand? Big prize money. 500 bucks I think.

Monday, August 10, 2009

she's a mature lady

What a fun Petaluma weekend! Happy birthday Amber. Here's their tranny scarecrow.
Knock Knock, hated by babies. She won't even look at them.
Appropriately misty picture of And Hod and special guest playing the soft rock classic "she's a mature lady"

Don't forget the show tonight at nine at the Press Club. English Singles, MOM, DJ Mike C., Biz side project. Damn, I just realized I missed the Roky Erickson movie because I was watching stupid Zabriskie Point at home.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Dudes. On. Stilts.

I was trying to keep this a secret, but the cat's out of the bag. This weekend I'm heading to Cave-In-Rock Illinois for the annual gathering of the juggalos. Lotus!

What is a juggalo you ask? Well, he's down with the clown, for life. And:

What is a juggalo?
Lemme think for a second. (well? )
Oh, he gets butt naked.
And then he walks through the street winkin at freaks,
Wit a two-liter stuck in his butt-cheeks!
What is a juggalo?
He just dont care.
He might try to put a weave in his nut hair.
Cuz he could give a fuck less what a bitch thinks,
He tell her that her butt stinks, and all that,
What is a juggalo?
He drinks like a fish,
And then he starts huggin people like a drunk bitch,
Next thing hes pickin fights with his best friends,
Then he starts with the huggin again, fuck,
What is a juggalo?
A fuckin lunatic.
Somebody with a rope tied to his dick,
Then he jumps out a ten-story windowéééoh!
What is a juggalo?
A juggalo? if thats what it is, well fuck if I know.
What is a juggalo?
I dont know, but Im down with the clown, and Im down for life, yo.
(end chorus)
(vocal breakdown)
What is a juggalo?
A dead body.
Well he aint really dead, but he aint like anybody
That youve ever met before.
Hell eat monopoly and shit out connect four.
What is a jug-
What the fuck? connec-man, that shits wack.
Dont worry bout my shit, just rap, mutha fucker.
What is a juggalo?
He aint a bitch boy.
Hell walk through to the hills and beat down a rich boy.
Walks right in the house where ya havin supper,
And dip his nuts in ya soupéébloop!
What is a juggalo?
Well he aint a phoney.
Hell walk up and bust a nut in your macaroni.
And watch you sit there and finish up the last bit,
Cuz youre a stupid-ass dumb fuckin idiot.
What is a juggalo?
Hes a graduate.
He graduated from......well,
At least hes got a job, hes not a dumb putz,
He works for himself scratchin his nuts, ha!
What is a juggalo?
A hulkamaniac.
He powerbombs mutha fuckas into thumbtacks. (bwa!)
People like him till they find out hes unstable.
He sabued ya mama through a coffee table. (oh my god!)
(vocal breakdown)
(vocal breakdown)
What is a juggalo?

I guess I'm more of a juggalette. What's a juggalette you ask? Look here.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

music talk

Woah, the infamous full moon bike ride posted to undietacos?!!?!? What tree in central park?

sorry! so boring. nothing to post. let's talk about music?
records I'm excited to get:
Casssss Mccoooombs
Camera Obscura (did anyone hear anything about Agent Ribbons playing with them, like how it went?)
Fiery Furnaces new one
I ordered the Exploding Hearts LP

Did you pencil in the best show ever onto your calendar? Namely, Thee Makeout Party, Thee Pizzas, Thee Dreamdate on August 22nd at Luigis. Hopefully I will get to DJ in between? Better yet, write it in indelible ink-on your face!

Also, English Singles, MOM, astounding DJ stylings of Mike C., and bands I have not heard of called Bleak House and Fort Ancient. Monday night at the Press.

Record Club movie night on Sunday is showing the Roky Erickson movie. I heard it's good. It's at the ToHo at 8:30, a highly civilized hour.

Rose Melberg is coming back to Sac. Not sure when.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

cranberry beans

My beloved Yolo fruit stand had cranberry beans for 1.49 a pound, so I brought some home and pondered what to do with them. I thought that Marcella could probably tell me what to do, so I pulled out the Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking and looked them up. Lo and behold, these beans are the classic bean to use in pasta e fagioli. I didn't have all the ingredients (like ham hocks or broth), but I used what I had. Look at those beautiful beans! Like Easter eggs.
Here's what I did: sauteed a chopped onion in olive oil. Threw in 4 garden tomatoes and simmered for ten minutes. Just these three ingredients simmering together smelled divine. Threw in a couple of cups of the shelled beans for about three minutes, then added a bunch of water. Let it simmer, covered for about 45 minutes. At that point, I threw in some garden zucchini chunks, and let it go for another ten. Then, throw in some pasta (half a box was too much, a third might have been better), and let it cook until still firm to the bit. Top with grated parmesan.
In the book Marcella kind of scoffs at the notion of dried cranberry beans, but notes that fresh beans can be frozen with no ill effects. I already started a stock of them in the freezer.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Meckfessel in the news!

ol' eagle eye Miller spotted Shon Meckfessel (who knew it was spelled like this?) in the news.

There are a couple of fun fan videos on youtube with Ganglians music. I'm too old to have watched Pete and Pete, but I can still appreciate them. You're never too old to appreciate!

jerry day?

I guess this guy says "Jerry day" to me. Could he be any more Jerry day?
Oh wait, he just got MORE Jerry day.
That's a sweet Steal Your Face tat.

I don't have a lot to post, but the internet is already boring me right now so I guess I'll post to amuse myself. I camped this weekend and you know how sometimes the communal nature of a campsite and the lack of structures and locks on doors etc, can just bring out the worst in people? That was the case this weekend. For example: people in a Hummer pulling into a campsite after midnight with a bunch of kids in tow and setting up camp at maximum volume while doing things like shining lights on other sleeping tents. They were using power tools! There was lots of yelling back and forth!

I need something to restore my faith in the kindness of strangers. Perhaps a Jerry Day report is in order?