Monday, November 30, 2009

Appetite Enhancement Ride 2009

My photos of the bike ride are hopelessly out of order, so I might as well start with this:
As always, there was a lot of fashion on display. This event is so Sac it hurts, and on this day I declareth every DON'T a DO. But only on this day. I got a little paparazzi style so hopefully no one feels their privacy was invaded.

OK, I lied. Never a do.
Obviously a do.

Suede chaps. As chaps go, these are tasteful.

This bekilted guys nametag said "hello my name is: Trouble" and I would probably agree.
Naked chicks? Always a do.

Cool Breeze!
This guy's whole outfit was good. He had on some type of orangey saddle shoes, if I remember correctly.

Paparazzi shot of Ryan and his lady of the cool sweater.
Guy in weird body armor talking to Baxter...
and Biggert

art car!
Groundchuck. Always a do.
goes without saying

Click on the picture to see her Grateful Dead tat. Do.

That is a dread wig. I dread that wig.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

plenty to do

I'm about to be gone for a few days. Thanksgiving bike ride is happening at 25th and R this year. We are just riding down 24th and then cutting over to the bike trail, which is kind of a drag. I tried to argue with the guy to do a detour to the capitol but he said no way. Also, Hmong festival all weekend, and the Four Eyes and Troublemakers playing on Saturday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

NOT a dim sum slut

Hey look, BAR reviewed Thai Thai Express. I recommended it to him when I interviewed him. I'm glad he liked it. On that note, I had dim sum at New Canton on Sunday and they were really bringing it. I saw some new (to me) dishes, such as fried squid. Which I got and which was a mistake because it was soooo oily. But most of the food was delicious.

Yay! Thanksgiving! I only work Monday and Tuesday this week. Don't forget the Hmong New Year Festival starts on Thursday at Cal Expo. Admission is five bucks and the food, music and fashion are out of this world! Here's my post from last year to refresh your memories.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sacramento a wonderful town, sing sing

I don't know about you, but this picture says "Sacramento" to me.

Speaking of Sacramento, Sacramento's favorite band: Knock Knock is playing tonight at Luigis for three bucks with Two Sheds and Buildings Breeding. What else do ya have ta do? Nuttin!

On Saturday is Rick Ele's birthday. How old is he? Ageless.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I want that shirt

Shannon over at I Love Hot Dogs watched Phenomenon (aka Creepers) on my rec. and she managed to capture the Bee Gees shirt in all its glory. Keep in mind that its presence in this scene was completely random. What does the girl say? I can't remember.
And here's the hot teacher in Armani that Olivia was trying to capture.

stupid safran foer!

I was checking the comments under the long Mexico City post and Anna said the pig face picture nudged her closer to being a veggie. I don't know if she was serious but I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Pretty much because I've read like three different reviews and articles and excerpts from that new Jonathan Safran Foer book about that subject. I'm feeling guilty about meat eating lately! I don't cook meat at home that much, and when I do it's good quality stuff, but I know the meat that I eat out is farmed with terrible cruelty. I don't know what to do. I know the only way I can deal with it is by just ignoring it, because if I think about it I can't really justify it.

On that note, the worst thing I ate in Mexico City was at a taco cart where I accidentally got five tacos for 10 pesos! That's less than 20 cents a taco so you can imagine the quality. It was almost all fat and gristle. I choked down a couple to not hurt anyone's feelings but it was really gross.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sorry, I'm boring now. I shot my wad with the Mexico posts. I haven't even unpacked my suitcases. I'm supposed to try to organize some day of blog action about the taco trucks but I feel like I don't know where to start. Is "blog action" an oxymoron? Am I? Did you know Knock Knock is playing Friday but it's not on undietacos? Somebody should fix that, STAT. Do you know what STAT stands for? It's an abbreviation of the latin word "statim" that means "immediately according to wikipedia.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

putting the "fun" back in "funicular"

OK, Guanajuato. Here's the thing-a few people have raved to me about this city. It's around 5 hours away from Mexico City, a pretty loooonnnggg trip when you are watching "What Happens In Vegas" in Spanish. It is CRAMMED with tourists. Mostly Mexican tourists. I didn't expect this for some reason. The streets are very narrow, and most businesses cater to the tourists, selling souvenirs, shoes, crap like that. There is relentless traffic from all the tourists, and the exhaust is overwhelming and gave me a headache when I walked anywhere. So even though it's very cute and picturesque, we left a day earlier than we had originally planned.
These charro beans were wayyy better than the ones in Mexico City. This was a great meal.
It came from this place. That means "The Wagon" You can see they fire roast the chickens.
I ate a horrible torta at this place, La Pulga, but there were pictures up of foxy Ricky Martin from when he ate there.
See? Picturesque.
Here's the university
We walked up in the hills to the mummy museum. That was the most fun part, especially since most tourists take a cab so it was just regular streets. I think this lady was selling homeopathic cures for all the problems listed below.
We came upon four weinerdogs living in a mini-dump! So sad. They just yapped at us.
The mummy museum. There is a fine line between "displaying" and "graverobbing" and this museum crossed it. Still it was cool. I will not include the pictures of the baby mummies because they might damage some tender sensibilities (email me if you want to see them).
Hey this guy needs some manscaping! (smiller hates people putting "man" in front of any term, it fills him with man-rage)

Wow, look at these mummies! I wonder how old they are? Only carbon dating will tell.

Ah, fuck you blogger, what are you doing? Anyway, I just erased on of my photos. There is a big cemetery in town and Day of the Dead had just passed. It was a picture of decorated graves. Some of the markers were extremely humble, such as the one below.

This was one of the best breakfasts I had. It was in a food court off one of the plazas. Chilaquiles.
There's a funicular to take you above the town.
This statue is up there.
See, funicular.