Thursday, March 31, 2011

johnny on the spot

boom! Instant reporting. That panel was cool but I had to sneak out on the Q and A. Roberta Price is really glamorous! She had like a leather tunic on and some purple platform shoes. She's an intellectual property lawyer now. That's the 60s for you, from commune dweller to that. The guy talking in the picture (second from left) is Jesse Drew, a professor in the technocultural studies department. When he was 15 he ran away and lived on communes for 4 years. He only had about 15 minutes but I would have loved to hear him talk about it for longer than that. He lived on a really remote one in Siskyou County that the FBI was surveilling! Is that a word? Blogger doesn't think it is.

Anyway, this show is interesting, and one of the other professors (Simon Sadler, history of architecture) said that her memoir is the best thing he's read about commune living.

She loves the Atlanta airport-I don't

I'm very excited about this photo show opening at the Nelson gallery in Davis today!! Here's a little doc about Ms. Price

And speaking of rad countercultural photos, we were strolling in Belgium and spotted this book displayed in the window amongst a plethora of other amazing looking photo books. Unfortunately the shop was closed so we couldn't chat with the owner about it. Here's a little fact: at any given time on any given day about 75 percent of all shops in Belgium are closed for no discernible reason.
Then, during a hellish five hour layover in the Atlanta airport, smiller spotted Liz Liles. Look how much she loves shopping at the Atlanta airport!

I'm back!

Guess where I was

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finches are back!

oh yeah, Finches at Delta of Venus on Saturday! Do not miss

stay tuned

Hey dudes-
I'm not going to be posting for a bit, or probably not. But check back sometimes. Don't forget about me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

better than an orgasm

Mantles and Dan Treacy, no big deal

ain't gonna pee pee, no big deal

Fuck yeah! I am so excited about this show at the Nelson Gallery! I may try to make it to the panel discussion. Wish it wasn't so early.

Have you guys ever seen this poster at Nationwide? Pretty funny. If you haven't been in for a french ground steakburger lately, they are still on sale. So good.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

All That Jazz

Despite certain peoples un-American dislike for Bob Fosse you can see from these pictures that he was a total badass. And also kind of a terrible, depressed guy. Well, you can't see that from the pictures but you will see when you come to see All That Jazz at The Verge tonight! This is a man who doesn't get a ton of credit for directing but he won best director for Cabaret and was nominated for this movie.

7:30 tonight, three bucks, beer and popcorn, nice big screen and good sound this movie is, dare I say it? A visual feast.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MidMo on Hella TV!

it's about 11 minutes in, if you wanna skip

all that jazz teaser

Bummer that it's just taped off TV, but this commercial for one of Bob Fosse's later Broadway shows is pretty cool

speaking of works of art

I finally made it to the new Nelson Gallery on the Davis campus to see the "regional portraiture" show that OMF has been raving about. It's still open until March 13th, if you want to try to catch it. It's only open on M-Th, and admission is free. Here's Victoria Dalkey's review. She mentions the work below, Chris Johansen's "Ankle Level Drum Circle". It's pretty funny. Just different people, some hippies, some nude dudes, doing an endless loop of a drum circle on TV screens. Hmm...looking up Chris Johansen I see he is part of the Mission School of artists with the look that is...not my favorite. Unfortunately, some big wigs were meeting in the room with the Roy De Forest so I did not get to see the whole show yet.

My very favorite work was by conceptual artist Paul Kos. A mysterious and haunting glass bell formed by silkscreening concentric circles onto stacked sheets of glass. It creeped me out. It's like a window into another dimension. One thing it's not, however, is a portrait. The title of this show is not apt, as Dalkey also points out.
speaking of works of art, this baby is finally mine! and for only ten bucks on ebay.
speaking of other works of art, shh....don't wake the sausages. they are sleeping in their warm, tomatoey bed of lentils.
speaking of other works of art, don't forget the All That Jazz screening at The Verge tomorrow. I am digging up a lot of dirt and good quotes on Fosse.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

that's some Gaga shit

Thursday! All That Jazz at the Verge. 7:30. Free popcorn and beverages for sale. Pro film setup with great sound from John Milne. I'll give a short shpiel about Fosse beforehand. Here's the part of the movie at the end that out-Gagas lady Gaga. The look and editing of this movie has been highly influential on the subsequent generation of filmmakers, including Wes Anderson, Steven Soderbergh, and Sofia Coppola. It's got quite a look!

they don't make 'em like they used to

Here are rad clips from two British kids shows in the late 70s/early 80s. What more do you need to know?

Monday, March 07, 2011

kupros redux

This is an interesting review. I think the manager was unwise to assume the chef was ahead of what Sacramento wants. I think you just have to hand hold a bit in Sac, and talk to the customers about the challenging food, and for that you need a well-trained staff of foodies. Your staff can't fake their way through it, they have to know about the food and beverages. And then you have to give it a little time.


I went to the Bok Kai parade for the first time on Saturday. It's a 131 year old parade that's held in Marysville. There were a lot of Shriners. They will put a fez on anything, even a car.

These Shriners on go-carts were terrifying. They had these fast criss-cross formations, but I really wasn't confident that they wouldn't go careening into the crowd.
oh shit, here come the Clampers!
The only visibly drunk parade-r that I saw was a Clamper wider
This hot rod was pretty badass and has "The Willo" stenciled on the side.
It took goddamn forever to get this big dragon going, but it was worth it.
Then, we did some Yuba area thrifting and RC found this tie. Just a regular old tie, right?

Friday, March 04, 2011

last day in Davis March 11th

Fat Face was crowded today, probably because of the weather and because of this:
I'm excited about their move to the new Bows but I'm bummed I'm going to have to go back to eating at Crepeville. Perhaps this will be my impetus to bring my lunch more.
Multiple people were pulling up their cars and pickups so they could sit in the back. This duo didn't know that Fat Face was moving, and they were bummed. I assured them she would still be open at the Davis farmer's market.
I was torn between the cola braised pork and the Cubano. But the cola braised won out because the Cubano is so giant.

Wish I was eating Manny's dog right now

English Singles and Nodzzz tomorrow at The Hub! Saturday. Can't wait! Haven't seen Nodzzz in way too long. I also just found out that I may go get to see Captain nines and The Four Eyes in Stockton next week!!! A show in Stockton? Stoked. Dinner at Manny's California Fresh. Or did you know that they have a Graduate bar in Stockton, too? And that it also has Stan Bitters sculpture?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

nerd boyfriend

I feel like maybe I've linked to this before, but this website rules!

Guess who wears Guess?

Check it. This Saturday at The Hub you have a chance to see the chart-topping English Singles, with Nodzzzzzz!!! English Singles will have this CD for sale and a couple of Tshirts. The tees are really cool, although I guess they mostly have XL left. Wear it as a dress, dudes think that's sexy.

Look at Nodzz tearing it up. I love Anthony's guitar squiggles.

God, look at his style! Those pants are probably Guess.

Also, next Thursday (the 10th) me and Liv are screening All That Jazz at The Verge. How can I convince you? Let's see, fuck, it's tawdry, there are jazz hands, young beautiful Jessica Lange, lots of leotards, amphetamine-fueled sweating, a final scene that out-Gagas a Lady Gaga video, come see it!!!!! Ben Vereen? Also, beer for sale and free popcorn.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

and I thought I was petty

If you want to read a mind-bogglingly petty local yelp thread, go here. You probably have better things to do.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I've got a joke for you

So a guy walks into a bar...

I bet you anything he stole it from the co-op! The round corner is a total co-op bar.