Monday, September 30, 2013

pie from a mime

Maybe you heard that Edible was sold and that Ryan Donahue is no longer editor?  He is now working for Thiemann, which is really cool.  This issue is still in process but is a scramble. For now I've stepped up my involvement in logistics but I hope that doesn't last very long.  It is too much for me.  Hopefully this issue won't suffer. If any past contributors are reading this, or any aspiring contributors please get in touch.
I have been trying, pretty successfully to log much less fb time. I like it so far.  More time for things like looking at Babs
Then you will have to come here to see things such as this mick fleetwood rock that Chapstick made us
I ate at tankhouse and this food was def decent within the genre they are working. I've said before that big piles of meat are not really my thing, but based on these excellent greens I will try the brisket.
This is a tuna sandwich from mill valley beer works! you have to try it sometime!
This was a really good tofu bibimbap from the place I am reviewing next.  Their bulgogi was tasty too.  You'll have to read it in November. Speaking of big piles of meat, my 3 N 1 bbq review is in the current ish. DJ Rick you are mentioned
this is fucking funny

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


New Drake!  I really like it although it's uneven (not a surprise).  The first song is 6 minutes long, with some Kanye'ish sped up whitney houston song as the track. blarg.  Then, lots of good stuff. I totally forgot started from the bottom was not on any previous album since it's been out for so long.  It's not too long, either.  The last couple songs are jay-z, and I"m really over that guy. I know, I know, I should listen to magna carta. But at this point his bragging about his money is as charming as listening to a rockefeller brag about it.  I want to hear about some major philanthropy before I wanna hear about that anymore.  Maybe he is doing that.

I'm going to see Tech Nine tonight. Juggalos! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

effed up mang

We were able to hook up a place in Stinson beach last minute and it was beautiful.  It poured on Saturday morning which was cool to see.  When it cleared up we went to Mill Valley and Mill Valley Beerworks. That place is so badass.  The food is completely delicious, they have started to brew their own good beer, and I got a Struisse Weltmertz on draft. OMG.  So delicious. Scott called bullshit that they listed it at 3% ABV but looks like that was correct. I caught the mill valley vibe and almost spent way too much on a tasteful eileen fisher tunic. It was because I had just been reading the profile of her in the NYer that morning. I am so glad I walked away.

We checked out Mill Valley market which is old school and really reminds me of Corti Bros.  The wine/liquor section is lined with photos of vintners from the 70s and 80s before everyone got completely absurdly rich.  They are all wearing suits in every photo.  Plus, the obligatory signed photo of Sammy Hagar, not wearing a suit as you would imagine. 

The next day we went to Cowgirl Creamery, which also has superb sandwiches and of course I bought a lot of cheese. So many euro tourists!  It is def. a spot that you would be stoked to find as a tourist.  Between local cheese and Bread Maiden bread pretty much all I ate was cheese and bread all weekend.

We then did a brief hike (really a walk) out to Limantour Beach which is my new favorite beach in the area.  No crowds even on a sunny sunday.

Yay! Such a magical area of this fucked up country. That latter statement was brought to you by the fact of how many americans are violently opposed to obamacare and that 27 percent of america wants to shut down the government to stop it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

bullet trains ahoy

I wrote  a little comment on Nardwuar's fb page after I watched his tedx talk and he wrote something nice back.  It's on the right.

Holy crap and he just  posted an interview with Trina. Gotta watch that one.

argh, I have so many deadlines.  I have three for edible, including one that I may have to re-interview the person for if I can't read my notes (I should have taped him) and an associate editor's letter I have to write without really understanding the new owners deal or their plans. They don't seem to have time to meet with me, besides a short one we had, and we really really need to keep this dialogue going.  Oh well, they are busy, I am busy and whatevs. It's just a magazine, right?!?!?

I also need to turn another review into the SNR for October since we're gonna be in Japan when it's due. Exciting!! I have it mostly booked. I'm about to drop 580 bucks on train tickets (that's for two, for seven day passes). Yipes. on the plus side: bullet trains.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


WTF No Bunny is playing this Saturday someplace called the fusion international arts center in Arden/Del Paso? WTFWTFWTF. This was just announced I think. Will anyone go? 

Monday, September 16, 2013


Went to Quan Nem Ninh Hoa for dinner. Not a lot of a BAR review crown, although I'm stereotyping the crowd in stating that. We've been there enough that we weren't craving the wrap it yourself special, which turned out to be a mistake.  I got the premade grilled pork spring rolls and the rice wrappers were tough because they had probably been premade a while ago.  The pork was not as good without a perking up on the grill, either.  The banh xeo (egg crepe) was your typical greasy, gummy banh xeo that only Banh Xeo near Mack Rd. has mastered.  My pile of herbs included sorrel though, how cool!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

too many job

Verge party! To celebrate the verge owning the verge! Verge got pwned! I will be bartending even though I should probably just go home and take a few sleeping pills.  I got like next to no sleep last night. Exciting news.  I rarely go to anything where I feel like it's appropriate to dress up anymore, so here's my chance. If it weren't so hot some sequins would be thrown in the mix.

Ryan stepped down as editor of Edible. Sad day.  I don't know what's gonna happen with the mag. I'm meeting the new owner tomorrow. One thing I know is that I will not be editor.  I have enough jobs already. If you count DJ, that would be four jobs.  And we all know that being married to smiller is a full-time job as well. So that's five jobs.  Actually, since I'm already assistant editor I already have five jobs maybe more.  I pretty much treat complaining like a job.  I probably spend more time complaining than working. The worst day spent complaining is better than the best day spent working.  Thinking about R. Kelly is more like an internship-type deal, that I'm hoping to parlay into a career.  Getting mad about things in the Bee is more a labor of love than a job.  I would say pretending to be more Jewish than I am is like a side job that pays in brisket and lox.  Wow, it's amazing I have any time at all to avoid going to yoga and drink too much in my spare time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I dare

Waterboy was really good last night but the service was crappy. I don't know who this newbie guy was, but he is not good enough.  Brought wineglasses but didn't open the wine. Didn't take our order before the apps came so that the big menus were crowding the table.  I had to ask for bread.  Just lagged on taking our order in general.  He could have definitely sold me another drink if he tried at all.  I had maybe two glasses of wine, which is low for me at a dinner that's over 2 hours long.  I would probably have gotten an after dinner drink if the pace hadn't lagged a little too long.

Food was excellent though!

BAR reviewed Quan Nem Ninh Hoa.  This place has been a favorite of mine for years and dare I say I increased its visibility by quite a bit over these years without sounding like an ass? I dare to.  Lately it has become more of a favorite, up to top five.  They have increased their menu a lot and now offer lots of different meats with the wraps, althought the best is still the nem nuong skewers.  But they will split the meats for one order and the chicken is delicious.  I still need to try their bun and banh xeo, since they seem to do everything well.  It's one of those places where the one dish is so good that it's hard to branch out.

His review was awesome and should bring them a lot of business, although they do pretty well already.

I may have mentioned before that had a past coworker who was interested in food and food writing and knew I wrote for MidMo and the News and Review yet never read my writing and would not follow any of my recommendations.  He would mostly just bring up BAR's reviews, and sometimes visit them, even if I had told them I didn't concur and I would go somewhere else.  I thought that was really weird. It's not like he thought it sucked, I think he  just didn't bother to pick up a copy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

shows at bows

It's smillers birthday today! I gave him top-notch accessories: crispy white nikes and warby parker sunglasses.

Does anyone read the music blog? I could totally keep posting but I don't know if anyone cares to read it.

Our Japan trip is fast approaching and we might go to a monkey hot spring.  How crazy is this page:
there are also pages for "the monkey's body" "the society of monkeys" and the daily life of a  monkey.

there is a show tonight at bows: mike donovan from sic alps and julian from fine steps.

Monday, September 09, 2013

new lifestyle

Wow, OK blogger, weird format but I kind of like it.  If I wasn't so technologically lazy I would switch to wordpress because I assume it is better at uploading pics, etc.  I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to upload pictures as a group rather than one at a time.  I just got back from a weekend in LA.  It was a business trip for smiller and we had lots of fun.  We got in really early and went straight to Cantor's.  Scott had never been and now he loves it too.  We got the bagel and lox platter.  I don't remember the name of the hamburger place.  It had really good beer. I got a Logsdon Saison Bretta on draft then a Du de Ciel.  The burger was an obvious take on Umami Burger, which was a-ok with me.  They only cook medium rare, but this was rare with some almost raw meat inside.  There's 2013 with the drummer obscured.  Me and MC Ham will be getting another night in November. Stay tuned.  We could have made it monthly but we want it to be special.  Spent some time in Silverlake and Echo Park on the trip.  Our hotel was almost perfectly placed between the two.  At DKKs suggestion we went to Forage for a lovely, healthy brunch.  I found a store called California vintage and bought myself a whole new lifestyle.  It's kind of safari themed.  This store was reasonably priced vintage with suprisingly not only tiny sizes.  I will be visiting it every time I go to LA from now on I can assure you.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

fun fun fun

last night was really fun! I thought I would wipe the floor with Mike C., frankly but I forgot he had the hometown advantage and also forgot how fucking good west coast rap is. The demise of The Bomb is to blame. I should start streaming KMEL sometimes to keep up. We both got dancers but I didn't get the rabidly excited west coast fans. I though a few people were going to lose their shit and one local rapper dude was rapping every fucking word. it was a sight to see! We'll do it again in 2 or 3 months.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

like a bawse

aaaahhhhhh! no time to post. 2013 were awesome. everyone in it has talent oozing from their little fingers or something like that. best band since the beatles, who were kind of overrated anyway.

As you have read one million time I'm djing tonight at the press.  Find out who's the boss once and for all

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tonight! 2013! The band of the year! Literally!

Tonight is the first show of the new band 2013 featuring The Biz, Gaba, Dylan Barnes needs a nickname, and Smiller.  It WILL be fun.  Bows

As you are all sick to death of hearing about, tomorrow is me and Mike C's DJ night at Press.  Dirty South and West Coast blah blah blah. Free! I will spin my first set at 9pm.

Wow. Red Dawn is a really sucky movie. No character development and Jennifer Grey and Lea Thomspon seem to be dropped in from some movie where they are cavegirls dressed in 1980s clothing. Sheen the Masheen is totally wasted (as in wasted talent).  I can't believe it was such a big hit.  Now I see why my parents talked so much shit on it when it was popular.

I am doing a presentation on Herpes B at a meeting today.  Should be a blast.  That's the fatal virus that primates carry.  Lesson: DO NOT get monkey pee in your eye or you are in for a world of hurt.

I tried a super obscure bbq place for my next review. deep del paso heights. it was good, but I don't really go crazy for bbq.  Big piles of meat are not my favorite food, believe it or not.  I'm kinda with Mark Bittmann in the idea that meat should be more of a condiment in a meal. 

Speaking of BBQ I went to Tank House and it was whatevs. I'll try the food there eventually, but not the mac and cheese! It's a little sterile inside and I was annoyed they don't have a drink menu despite having a full liquor bar. The bartender explained that they are not trying to be the next shady lady and they are really just beer and bbq. Better get some good beer if that's the case dudes! I just got a whiskey and soda because I can never remember any cocktails. Well, less than 10 anyway.

 New coffee table from Schiff's. Came with two matching end tables.  It's the next best thing to a mirrored coffee table. OC has a giant one.  Rug is from on of the shops across from Relles.
This has been my pasta jam lately.  We have lots of cherry tomatoes but they are not sweet enough to eat in salads, and are a little mealy.  Solution: lightly roast them and throw them in some pasta with fresh herbs.  OK, add a little butter.  The wine is a slightly chilled grignolino we got in Sebastopol.  I haven't posted pics of stuff I cooked in forever! I still don't cook as much as I used to.  I have to be disciplined and plan ahead if I'm going to.